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What is PPC?

Google Adwords

3rd Tier Engines

PPC Strategy



PPC Account Structure

Account Structure


Quality Score

Budgeting and Projections




Keyword Research

Negative Keywords


Bid Management

Types of Bidding

Editors & Tools


Ad Writing and Testing

Ad Writing

Mobile Ads

Ad Testing

Google Display Network

Google Display Network


Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Best Practices

Mobile Landing Pages


Google Analytics

Google Analytics



Reports and Client Services


Inheriting PPC Accounts


Master List of the Best Ad Tech Platforms for PPC

The ambiguity of knowing what PPC platforms are available for your marketing can be overwhelming. We want to be a valuable resource to you in every step of your PPC marketing process, so we've put together a master list featuring the best of the best...

Our PPC Training is Not for the Weak-Minded

Our goal as an industry leading agency and the host of Hero Conf is to make you better. To make learning about PPC and getting better at your job not only easy, but fun and entertaining. Check out 5 sessions we are most excited to...