This process explains how to change the location targeting settings for a campaign.  You can make your campaigns target any combination of countries, territories, regions, cities, and customized areas defined by you. You can also target up to 40 different languages.
·      Go to ‘All Online Campaigns’ and select the Campaign that you want to change settings for.
·      Click on the “Settings” tab and scroll to the Locations and Languages section.
·      To edit a location, click on ‘edit’ under Locations.  A box with 4 tabs and a world map will pop up.  As you look at locations, Google will highlight them in blue on the map.
·      You can click the “Bundles” tab and select one or more countries in a geographic area that you want to target.
·      You can go to the “Browse” tab and see cities, metros, states, and/or regions of countries.
·      Go to the “Search” tab to manually search for an area you want to target.
·      You can also click on the “Custom” tab and click a location on the map or enter in an address with a radius option.  The “Custom” tab has three options: point on a map, custom shape, and bulk.
·      On the “Settings” tab of the selected campaign, click on Languages to change your campaign’s language targeting options.
·      A box will pop up with language options.  You can target up to 40 different languages. Note: AdWords does not translate your ads from language to language.


National Geo-targeting: /how-to-geo-target-a-national-ppc-campaign/