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PPC Hero is the industry’s leading PPC blog, written by Hanapin Marketing’s expert Account Managers. You can expect mind-blowing blog posts and a number of resources available to help you do your job better.


Hanapin Marketing is an industry-leading digital marketing agency that specializes in just one thing: digital advertising. We offer a variety of solutions to manage your PPC and work with your team and are the masterminds behind PPC Hero, Hero Conf, and Hero Pro. You can expect whitepapers and toolkits on several PPC areas like conversion rate optimization, remarketing, ecommerce, and social advertising.


Every year, Hanapin hosts Hero Conf, the industry’s leading and only conference that focuses exclusively on PPC and it brings together hundreds of the best and brightest minds in the paid search world. Hero Conf includes a flagship event every April, as well as additional Summits on focused subjects throughout the year in different cities. You can expect updates on conference happenings, speaking opportunities, and interactive contests and activities.


Hero Pro is the elite section of PPC Hero, where the expert digital advertising specialists at Hanapin Marketing have created an unparalleled collection of PPC resources. Hero Pro is filled with advanced PPC software, scripts, tools, content and resources all geared toward helping account managers work smarter and fast than they ever have before. You can expect announcements on new tools.

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