8 thoughts on “3 Steps To Quickly Reduce PPC Spend with Minimal Conversion Loss

  1. Nick_B PPC

    Good read, what do you think about the potential for accidentally pausing keywords which assist conversions using this method?

    1. Rachael LawRachael Law

      Hi Nick, thanks for reading! Great point, I would recommend having the click assisted conversions column enabled when you’re making changes to make sure you’re not going to miss out on conversions later. However I still pause the keyword if the cost per assisted conversion is high.

    2. Mark H

      Yup – I made that stupid mistake once. Just went ahead and pause all sorts of keywords that weren’t showing much conversions and realized for some reason, it all got cut in half!

  2. Jorge Bravo.

    Hey that is good

    You can be even-more aggressive I am pretty sure, that most of the conversions of this campaigns are made on specific hours, so you can stop the advertising during the hours in which the performance is not good enough, or not performance at all.
    After that, still is possible to check Gender and Group age, maybe you can cut spends there as well.
    And finally in the search campaigns, if the keywords with a good performance are broad, broad modified or/and phrase ones you also can cut the spends too, running a search query report, and then optimize.

    My favorite in this post is the budget reduction.

      1. Jorge Bravo.

        I am trying to say that you just need to go inside the keywords tab—-> then check the Search Terms details report. If your campaign has enough volume, some of the search terms are driving traffic to your landing page, and performing really bad, you should think in adding them as a negative keywords (My favorite is negative phrase keywords).

        Kind Regards!

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