Basic PPC Strategies

“If you don’t automatically know the acronyms for clickthrough rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) or cannot differentiate between search ads, the content network and alternatives to AdSense, you should probably read on below.

If all of the above is old news to you, but you still haven’t taken your Bing Ads accreditation or Google Adwords certification exams then checkout our intermediate level PPC guides.

And if you’ve got your certification badges and are just interested in driving up your ROAS through A/B testing and landing page optimization via automated bid management platform, then we’d say you’re pretty much ready to eat up all our advanced PPC management guides!

5 Steps For Creating A Solid PPC Competitor Strategy

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Analyzing the PPC competitive landscape can help provide key insight into performance trends and determine how your ads stack up to competition. By not taking the time to analyze PPC competitors, you could be missing out on huge gaps in your program that could leave your account vulnerable to deep-pocketed competitors driving up costs and stealing impression share. Below, we…

[New Guide!] The Complete Guide to Using Excel for PPC

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Excel is a crucial tool for any PPC marketer’s daily workflow. From building campaigns and writing ads to analyzing aspects of your account, your job will be made (a bit) easier by being Excel savvy. Written by PPC Hero bloggers and excel masters, Rachael Law and Jacob Brown, this whitepaper will outline the most important tasks that we use Excel…

Easy Ways To Measure The Value Of Branded Campaigns

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Pay-per-click brand campaigns have many benefits for advertisers. The messaging can be controlled and they also provide a great way to increase customer engagement. Brand campaigns can be rolled out on a strategic schedule driving to interactive landing pages that tell a story and persuade audiences. These purchase decisions also tend to be more emotional vs. rational for users, so…

Google Analytics Cohort Report Video Explanation

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Google Analytics recently added a cohort analysis report as a feature. This report is very easy to set up, and useful when you are looking at user behavior over time. The true value of the report comes from segmenting the data. In the video example below, the segments of data are "All Sessions," "Email," "Paid Search," and "Users who completed…

[New Webinar with Wordstream] What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

4 Insights PPC Advertisers Need To Know Featuring PPC Hero blogger, Chadd Powell and Navah Hopkins from Wordstream The typical small business spends $1,200 a month on PPC & wastes over 25% of their budget! This is generally due to haphazard approaches to account structure & quality score. Are you wasting dollars? Join us on Thursday, October 29th at 1pm…

Get To Know Your Audience Insights

By , Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

AdWords now allows advertisers to gain more insight into the users who comprise their remarketing audiences. To view these insights, simply navigate to "Shared Library > Audience" and select a list.   From here, navigate through the report via the tabs at the top of the page (Top Insights, In-Market Audiences, Affinity Audience, Demographics, Locations, and Devices).   [caption id="attachment_28963" align="aligncenter"…

Considering A Paid Search Career? Here’s What To Assess

By , Group Head of Performance, Periscopix. A Merkle company

10 years ago the field of paid search was still a hidden gem. It was a great career choice but potential employees didn't know the profession existed. Over the past 5 years, awareness of paid search/SEM/PPC/Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing (so many ways of describing it!) has grown massively and there are now many graduates with an active interest in…

How Pay Per Click Advertising Helps Level The Playing Field For SMBs

By , Research Manager with Clutch

  The beauty of pay per click advertising is that it isn’t dependent on who has the most money to spend or who has the most clout. If that were the case, small businesses wouldn’t bother with this method of attracting new customers because they simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with the big budgets of their larger competitors.…

[New Whitepaper!] Top Ten PPC Tips for Retail Marketers

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

It’s no longer acceptable to just sell online, other companies are selling similar and/or the exact same products you are. Therefore, it is paramount to find the qualities that make your business stand out and personalize the experience for your customers. As more users go online for their research and purchase needs make sure you have a solid plan in…

[New Whitepaper!] Beginner Excel: 10 Must-Haves For PPC Newbies

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

If you’re just starting off down the road of mass data analysis, Microsoft Excel can be a little daunting. The secret, is that once you know a handful of tricks, it becomes pretty easy to figure out how to make Excel work for you. In this whitepaper, you’ll get 10 tips that will have you zipping through data, pulling insights…