Basic PPC Strategies

“If you don’t automatically know the acronyms for clickthrough rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) or cannot differentiate between search ads, the content network and alternatives to AdSense, you should probably read on below.

If all of the above is old news to you, but you still haven’t taken your Bing Ads accreditation or Google Adwords certification exams then checkout our intermediate level PPC guides.

And if you’ve got your certification badges and are just interested in driving up your ROAS through A/B testing and landing page optimization via automated bid management platform, then we’d say you’re pretty much ready to eat up all our advanced PPC management guides!

[Whitepaper!] 10 PPC Tactics That Should Be On Your Radar

By , Communications Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing

In PPC, innovation is everything. Change is the only constant in this industry, and what worked for you yesterday may not work for you today. That means if you’re not trying new things– new tactics, new strategies, or new platforms – then you’re getting left behind. No one here wants to see that happen, so we’ve compiled a handy list…
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Setting Clear PPC Expectations From The Beginning

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Over the past five years the PPC industry has evolved and changed. As more pay-per-click agencies target small business we are increasingly seeing cost per clicks (CPCs) increase. This is simply because there are more companies in the marketplace bidding for positions on the results pages. Increasingly it is rare that a company does not spend money in PPC.   As agencies…
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5 Tricks To Make Your Pay Per Click Profitable This Year

By , Senior Paid Search Consultant at Receptional

With keywords and ad placements growing ever more competitive, it’s important that you’re making full use of every paid search option that’s available and relevant to your business, as well as ensuring that your basic account structure and targeting is fail-proof.   So now that the first quarter of the year is almost complete it’s time to make sure your…
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6 Tips To Grow A Small Business Account Without Tanking ROI

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

The beauty of digital advertising is that any size company can get their feet wet. Only have $500 to spend on advertising? No problem! Have no idea where to start with this AdWords stuff? That’s not really an issue with AdWords Express! This has naturally led to a lot of small businesses jumping online and seeing if they can turn…
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Year-Over-Year Performance is Rarely “Apples-to-Apples”

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

People love to talk year-over-year performance – both the good and the bad. Every six months (or so), we will do an account review for our clients. A lot of the time, if there is year-over-year data, we use it! And why not? How do we know that we are doing well if we have nothing to compare performance? However,…