8 Simple Things You Might Be Overlooking In Your AdWords Account [White Paper]

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing


Google makes it easy to set up a PPC campaign, but some advertisers assume that after they’ve typed in some keywords, set the budget, and switched on the campaign, there’s nothing more to do except sit back and watch the conversions roll in.

In reality, any account can benefit from a few quick, simple tweaks designed to optimize ROI – and these updates don’t cost anything extra!

We’re always on the lookout for new and easy tips to pass along to PPC Hero readers, and this new white paper from our friends at Wordstream is full of them. They list eight easy-to-implement, impactful techniques are discussed for optimizing your ad campaigns right away. The great tips include plenty of common mistakes that AdWords advertisers frequently overlook, such as:

  • Setting up conversion tracking so you’ll know what’s really working
  • Assigning values for different types of conversions
  • Implementing the right ad extensions

These eight simple tweaks could transform your underperforming AdWords account!

Click here to download the white paper today!

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One thought on “8 Simple Things You Might Be Overlooking In Your AdWords Account [White Paper]

  1. Steve Squier

    Adding a managed placement in Google Adwords lets you set a specific bid for that placement. You set higher bids for placements where you’d like more traffic, and lower bids for placements that aren’t meeting your performance goals. You only know that if you have the appropriate conversion tracking in place, and that means getting down into programming, etc. I’m no good at that, so when I need help with my PPC I just call Simon at 325-446-1507 .


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