A Sign-Out Page Ad Worthy of Any Magazine or Print Advertising Competition

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Let’s face it, while the digital advertising industry continues to grow, and while they Pay-Per-Click ad model has proven hugely successful overall, digital advertising in general is generally viewed as a creative backwater.


Digital, in other words, isn’t where the “real” creatives want to work (TV and print tend to inspire more than, say banner ads), or where you see an abundance of cool and cutting edge creative work being done.


Part of this is the close relationship between traditional Direct Response advertising (itself considered the red-headed step child of the advertising world) and digital. Part might even be sour grapes. But ultimately, if we’re being honest, a lot has to do with not-so-inspired creative work that’s gone into most digital advertising. And I say that as someone who actively and routinely looks for and writes about great digital advertising.


So it was more than a little refreshing to sign-out of Facebook the other day to find this kick-butt sign-out ad for Ancestry.com:


Ancestry.com's Facebook page


Because I think that’s an ad that anyone at a traditional advertising agency — TV and print snobs, alike — would be proud to have crafted. It’s got a great on-brand photo and an absolutely killer headline. And in keeping with digitals Direct Response roots, it’s got a solid call-to-action as well: 14-Day Free Trial & Start Searching for Free.

Now, what some of you will be thinking is, well sure, if you’re given a much bigger pallet, you can create bolder stuff. And to that, I say, bull!  This ad would work every bit as well as a Page Post.

So the thing to do is stop making excuses, and start thinking about how we can all raise our own Digital Advertising Game in terms of quality of creative. Because great creative isn’t just eye catching or cool, it’s also effective.

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One thought on “A Sign-Out Page Ad Worthy of Any Magazine or Print Advertising Competition

  1. PPC Dan

    I think part of it is digital focusing heavily on the statistics and less on the creative. I work in PPC and I have 0 creative background, yet a big part of my job is writing text ads and using Google’s Display Ad Builder.


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