Facebook has become much more than just stalking people from high school. It is now a huge content marketing and sharing platform. Facebook PPC Ads operate on a pay-per-click basis too, but their targeting options are completely different to search engines.

With Facebook ads you can target people by interest categories and location, so that you can get your product or service in front of a qualified audience of people who might already be interested in your products. Interest targeting on Facebook is extremely versatile, and allows brands and businesses to reach their ideal customer persona using demographic data and fine tuned interest data such as what bands they like and books they have read.

Designing A Basic End-To-End Facebook Ecommerce Strategy

By , Production Specialist at Hanapin Marketing

Facebook can be a great place for ecommerce companies to advertise products and build awareness for their brands. The amount of users on Facebook is massive, with the most recent earnings report indicating that 1.49 billion monthly active users and 1.31 billion mobile monthly active users are on the site. That’s a lot of users that likely includes your current customers…

5 Ways To Improve Facebook ROI With Audience Targeting

By , Senior Account Manager, Training

A few weeks ago, Facebook updated how cost per clicks (CPC) are measured for advertisers. In essence, Facebook is excluding engagement clicks (likes, comments, shares) from link clicks and is only charging advertisers for link clicks. Depending on your campaign objective, link clicks may include clicks to websites, call-to-action clicks, clicks to install an app, etc. You can learn more…

You’re Doing This One Thing Wrong In Digital Marketing

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So, you’ve got yourself all set up in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Nice work. You’re keeping up with the modern world of business. You understand why a geo-targeted campaign with high-intent keywords and well-written ads will probably be more effective than blowing dollars on a billboard beside a thoroughfare.   By golly, you’re standing on the cutting edge! You’re…

Top Ten Paid Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time [New Webinar!]

By , Founder and CTO at Wordstream

  This year, marketers worldwide will spend a whopping $23.68 billion on paid media to reach social network users… and I bet you’re one of them! Paid social has literally exploded recently; just a few short years ago, you probably thought you using Facebook and Twitter organically to somehow get noticed was going to be viable in the long term…

[New Webinar with Larry Kim!] Top Ten Paid Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

PPC marketing, social media, and content remarketing are rapidly converging. To continue to be successful in today’s digital world, you must integrate both your paid and organic teams. Join us for a whirlwind tour of some of the coolest PPC opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & YouTube. We’ll be discussing strategies such as content remarketing, using paid social promotion…

Should Facebook Be At The Top Of Your Mobile Strategy?

By , Production Specialist at Hanapin Marketing

Mobile. We as advertisers know it’s important. Google tells us, Microsoft tells us, and intuitively every time we use our mobile devices we know it. As more traffic funnels in from mobile devices, platforms are trying to adapt and so are we as advertisers. This is why Facebook’s 2015 Q1 earnings report got my attention, but first let’s lay out…

How To Go About Adding To Your PPC Mix

By , Senior Account Manager

The first questions that should be answered for any new PPC account need to cover goal identification.   What will make this a successful marketing channel for us? How many conversions and at what cost per acquisition will put us in the black?   After that can come many different questions, including ones related to the specific business or industry…

Facebook Custom Audiences – Targeting Those Who Know You Best

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

While recently dealing with a lead gen client, I was confronted with an all-too-typical scenario: the CPCs and cost-per-lead were rising and lead volume was declining. With both cost-per-lead and volume being top priority, I was motivated to seek out ways to combat the issues.   After thoroughly reviewing the client’s Google and Bing campaigns, it seemed as if all…

[Toolkit] 16 Awesome Social Resources You Don’t Want To Turn Your Back On!

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It's natural that once you've run successful PPC campaigns on search engines, you'll want to branch out and try new things, like advertising on social media. Social media advertising can be highly successful, as long as you are willing to experiment and take the time to figure out which channels will work best for you. Understanding the effectiveness of good…