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Jeff has been in Internet marketing for over a decade, a surprisingly rare feat. In his current role as President at Hanapin Marketing, Jeff serves as a contributor to PPCHero.com, while working to deconstruct the company vision and BHAG into the day-to-day activities that will help continue near 100% year-over-year growth.Jeff is also a frequent speaker on PPC and digital advertising strategy. Catch him at SES, HeroConf, SMX, Acquisio User Summit, Search Insider Summit and OMCap. Lastly, and maybe most important, Jeff enjoys a fine single-malt scotch or craft beer (preferably an IPA).

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Using Auction Competitors To Tell a Business Story

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

Are we seeking out as much volume from paid search as we should be?   Why is cost per click and cost per acquisition increasing?   At what point are we just spending more money for the same number of sales?   Everyone is telling me that competition has increased. Where’s the proof? How do I know you don’t just…
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Scaling Yourself By Simplifying Your Ideas

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

In the past year as President of a PPC agency I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I’ve come to understand the difference between decisions you don’t want to make, and decisions that are really tough to make. I’ve learned that if you don’t have one foot in today and one foot in 6-months from now you are going to miss a…
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When PPC Help Never Comes

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

Luck doesn’t begin to describe my circumstances growing up. Great parents, financial stability, fell into the right crowds; basically, I always had people I could count on.   Later in life these circumstances have led me to naturally connect with people whom I trust. I always know that if I find myself in a tough spot someone will be there…
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Why We Ignore Net Gains In PPC

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

Many reports ignore net gains by presenting data in some variation of the format:     This table does a decent job of showing performance (of course there would be more metrics like CPC and conversion rate) but it doesn’t make it very clear what the cost of the change in performance was. By that I mean, what were the…
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Is a Lack of Power Balance the Root of All PPC Issues?

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

There was a fascinating article in the Journal of Management last week on when, why and how some leaders use their power to benefit themselves and others use it to benefit a team, organization or even society as a whole.   The premise was that people who concentrate on self-focused goals (more money, career growth, personal brand, etc.) instead of…
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