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Jeff has been in Internet marketing for over a decade, a surprisingly rare feat. In his current role as President at Hanapin Marketing, Jeff serves as a contributor to PPCHero.com, while working to deconstruct the company vision and BHAG into the day-to-day activities that will help continue near 100% year-over-year growth. Jeff is also a frequent speaker on PPC and digital advertising strategy. Catch him at SES, HeroConf, SMX, Acquisio User Summit, Search Insider Summit and OMCap. Lastly, and maybe most important, Jeff enjoys a fine single-malt scotch or craft beer (preferably an IPA).

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Is a Lack of Power Balance the Root of All PPC Issues?

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

There was a fascinating article in the Journal of Management last week on when, why and how some leaders use their power to benefit themselves and others use it to benefit a team, organization or even society as a whole.   The premise was that people who concentrate on self-focused goals (more money, career growth, personal brand, etc.) instead of…
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Functional Vs. Performance Paid Search Strategies and Tactics

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

The way I have come to see things, you can take two, sometimes conflicting actions to an account. You can increase functionality or you can drive performance. I’ll emphasize, “sometimes conflicting” because there are certainly many times where making a functional change to an account changes performance. But that’s often not the purpose of the strategy or tactic but just…
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Conflict Resolution and Client Management

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

I don’t do a lot of things well. I am pretty bad at MLB 14: The Show. I can’t draw, not even stick figures. I can’t sit through any of the Fast and the Furious movies (fell asleep watching film six 2-3 times on the plane to SMX Sydney). But one thing I am decent at is conflict resolution. As…
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Scaling AdWords and Bing Accounts

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

One of the hardest thing to do in the PPC biz is scale accounts that already perform well and have history. I believe this is because we focus on small optimizations and lose sight of the enhancements that will catapult the account.   This applies to the business as a whole. Sometimes I focus on one or two things we…
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Turn A Lazy AdWords Report Into A Money Making Tool

By , President at Hanapin Marketing

As PPC Heroes, we like to think we’ve got all sorts of magic stuffed up our sleeves. Truth be told, there are plenty of approaches we use that may be less common to the outside world. That’s why this week’s *Series Topic* is just that: Underutilized Reports. This week we’ll go over reports we use in AdWords, Bing, Facebook, and…
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