Build A Solid Foundation For Your PPC - Join Us For The PPC Hero Summit

By Matt Umbro | @Matt_Umbro | Associate Director of Search

With so many new features and changes in the paid search world, it’s easy to forget core tactics when determining your account structure. At the center of every great paid search account is a structure built upon extensive research, planning, and execution. Jacob “Juice” Brown and I are excited to be speaking about building a solid foundation for your PPC at our inaugural PPC Hero Live Summit.


Just like you wouldn’t build an addition on a house with a shaky foundation, you face potential disaster if your core isn’t setup properly. In this session, we’ll speak to tactics that will set you up for success from the beginning, including how to:


  • Structure your accounts according to goals and themes
  • Choose keywords and match types in order to drive the right traffic
  • Think about bidding in terms of intended return
  • Write ad copy that converts, especially in a world without sidebar ads
  • Utilize ad extensions to improve CTR and conversion rate
  • Secure and convert mobile traffic
  • Know when it makes sense to test new features and betas


Paid search success comes down to correct planning and meticulous attention to detail while building your foundation.


If you have any questions or topics you want to make sure we cover, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter. Jacob’s handle is @jakebrownppc and mine is @Matt_Umbro. You can also follow and reach out to @ppchero.


Make sure you register for our FREE PPC Hero Live Summit event on March 16th!


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