PPC Strategy

You can’t create a great PPC account if you don’t first know your strategy. Are you focused on branding or lead gen? Do you want to target people early or late in the buying cycle? A PPC strategy is the foundation of all great account.

How Football Shaped My Philosophy Regarding PPC

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing

PPC to me is a lot like football. Building successful paid search accounts requires a well-defined philosophy for approaching account work, a strong game plan, and solid execution of the plan you spent all that time creating.   Football coaches subscribe to either an offensive or defensive philosophy. Offensive minded coaches believe in high scoring teams with a defense that’s…
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What The Google Trusted Store Announcement Means For Merchants

By , Senior Account Manager, Community

Google made a big announcement on Tuesday that went relatively under the radar in the PPC world. Starting immediately, the process for online merchants to become Google Trusted Stores has become much easier.   What Is A Google Trusted Store?   A Google Trusted Store is a direct endorsement from Google. According to the big G, for merchants to have the Google Trusted Store…
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The 15 Biggest PPC Mistakes and How To Avoid Them [On Demand Webinar!]

By , Communications Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing

Everyone makes mistakes. From seasoned pros to those just getting into pay per click advertising, no one can avoid the thralls of a mistake. And in a world like PPC where everything is a test and nothing is guaranteed, its easy to overlook some things. Some mistakes can be more costly than others and for some, you may not even…