PPC Strategy

You can’t create a great PPC account if you don’t first know your strategy. Are you focused on branding or lead gen? Do you want to target people early or late in the buying cycle? A PPC strategy is the foundation of all great account.

Target New Audiences Through Paid Search

By , Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing

PPC provides a highly controllable channel from which you can test, forecast and project business goals and performance through. So what this means for paid search is that it is time to begin (if you’re not already) utilizing the channel to power your entire marketing plan. One way is to find new audiences.   Target New Niche Audiences   Finding…
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3 Ways To Decrease CPA Without Tanking Volume

By , Senior Account Manager

In an industry like PPC, the results of marketing campaigns are right there in front of you and for everyone to see. There’s nowhere to hide in terms of performance, and we are judged on these bottom line numbers. While many of these front-end metrics (CTR, CPC, Avg. Position, etc.) lead to better overall performance on the back-end, CPA (cost…
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How PPC Impacts Your Business

By , Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing

The general tone around the digital marketing industry lately has been somewhat bleak. Over the last handful of years, specific channels have gotten more and more popular, driving competition to high levels. These factors have together increased prices for many digital channels across all verticals. To continue the difficulty of the market, consumers are becoming more educated on how to…
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Simple Budgeting Techniques Using Excel

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

The majority of paid search accounts I've managed have run on a monthly budget. Being able to land on this budget at the end of each month while reaching or exceeding goals on other metrics is the name of the game. In order to see where your budget is pacing, it is a simple formula, right? That formula might look like this…
PPC Excel Budgeting Calculations