PPC Strategy

You can’t create a great PPC account if you don’t first know your strategy. Are you focused on branding or lead gen? Do you want to target people early or late in the buying cycle? A PPC strategy is the foundation of all great account.

Selling PPC: Stop Pushing, Start Listening

By , Founder of ZATO

"Why should we let you manage our PPC accounts? This is your chance to brag on yourself, go for it."   Have you ever heard this question before? If you are an agency owner or agency rep then you most likely have. In fact, if you're in-house trying to get a job you've probably heard this question during an interview.  …
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These 3 Ethical Advertising Notions are Archaic

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

As marketers, we harbor a distinct relationship with the science of human behavior, which is to say we aim to control it.   If that sounds overstated, or simply too dramatic, it’s because notions of mind-control, thought guidance, brainwashing— however you want to characterize it— are sinister. There’s nothing so blatantly evil in advertising.   However, every time we write…
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Get Proactive And Reactive With Your Keyword Research

By , Group Head of Search, Periscopix

Keywords are the fundamental building blocks of any paid search account. When you first launch a PPC account you will always have a list of keywords. It is crucial that you continue to find and develop new keywords so your account can grow and maximize impressions.   There are 2 approaches to keyword development: 1) Proactive 2) Reactive. Whilst we…
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