PPC Strategy

You can’t create a great PPC account if you don’t first know your strategy. Are you focused on branding or lead gen? Do you want to target people early or late in the buying cycle? A PPC strategy is the foundation of all great account.

Understanding Budget’s Role In PPC Account Performance

By , Senior Account Manager

Starting off on the right foot with a new PPC account is crucial to the health and performance of efforts moving forward. If the account is set up inappropriately or misaligned with the goals of the business, it can have lingering effects and set you back quite a bit. Also, poor performance from the start will have a bad first…
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Use Remarketing To Think Like A Direct Marketer

By , Group Head of Performance, Periscopix. A Merkle company

Historically digital marketing has been focused on new customer acquisition. When considering paid search we generally try to find new users who have the intent to buy our products or services. However, this sentiment is changing. New innovations in paid search are allowing us to use the channel for repeat customer acquisition. Email as a channel was the first branch into…
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The Client Relationship Mistake We All Make

By , Senior Account Manager, Community

Many of us make a mistake on a daily basis that we don’t even realize we’re making, including myself. This mistake isn’t seen outwardly in day-to-day PPC management, but it most definitely impacts client relations. In a results-driven business, paid search professionals need to not only understand their clients’ businesses, but also listen to what they are saying. Too often,…
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Dynamic Search Ads: An Underused Way to Grow Your PPC Account

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing

According to Google, approximately 15% of user searches on a daily basis are truly unique. Dynamic Search Ads, which uses Google’s crawling technology, helps target searchers where traditional keyword targeting fails to reach them. Due to the limiting nature of keyword targeting, advertisers are missing out on additional targeted traffic, which can bring up tapped sources of additional revenue and…
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How PPC Helps Your SEO Efforts

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Last week we touched upon how to use PPC for Email Marketing. Today we're going to discuss how PPC can help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.   PPC & SEO   PPC campaigns can help determine which keywords are highly searched and which keywords are driving conversions (sales/leads). You’ll also derive what kind of messaging from ad copy testing…
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