EXCELlent Series: Using Excel To Boost PPC Performance

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I Love Excel

Love and marriage, love and marriage, goes together like Excel and pay-per-click… ok so maybe that’s not exactly how the song goes, but if Excel was around in 1950’s I’m sure ‘Ol Blue Eyes would have been singing those words. As PPC account managers, we spend most of our day in Excel sorting and summing and doing just about anything else we can to PPC data. You truly can’t have one with the other.

In April, Jessica Cates blogged about her Top 5 Excel Tips for PPC Managers and got more than double the page views of any other post that month! Clearly Excel is something you want to learn more about so we’ve decided to dedicate a whole series to the topic.

We have three posts that will help you learn how to use excel to boost your PPC performance. Here is what’s in store for this week:

Tuesday: Expanded List of Excel Tips and Tricks for PPC Managers

Wednesday: Projecting Account Performance In Excel

Thursday: Making Excel Subtotals Word For You

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