Advanced PPC Strategies

Once, you’ve completed your PPC exams you are truly one step beyond the skill level of an intermediate PPC manager. You really do know what you are doing!

Now the real challenge lays ahead. Can you customize your bid management strategies to mobile or e-commerce? Can you take advantage of dynamic remarketing and use automated bid management tools to simultaneously manage campaigns across multiple channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn? Now’s the time to take advantage of all the most powerful account features available to you from AdWords Editor to scripts and multi-channel analytics. Use this section to start conducting some serious PPC experiments!

Reassessing My 2014 PPC Suggestions And Looking To 2015

By , Senior Account Manager, Community

2014 has been an amazing year in paid search. AdWords and Bing Ads made some great strides with their features and interfaces (my personal favorite being AdWords ad customizers). Social platforms began experimenting with new features, including Twitter allowing the ability to make purchases directly from the interface. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the PPC community continued to come up…
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Effective Google Analytics AdWords Data Integration

By , Head of Paid Search at MediaVision

A huge topic in 2014 - ‘more data’ for AdWords users has been answered by Enhanced Google Analytics!   Throughout 2014, Google Analytics (GA) has been rolling out more integrated AdWords data, giving online marketers more insight into performance and behavioral features to analyze, report and base decisions.   GA has added the below AdWords features integrations. I’ll be going…
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[New Webinar with Visual Website Optimizer!] Master Class: Secrets to a Cohesive PPC Campaign

By , Communications Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing

In order to maximize your conversion rate, your PPC account should be congruent with your landing page and website. From the keywords, to the ad copy, to any specific landing pages, if it all doesn’t align into one cohesive message, then you’re in store for low conversion rates, high costs, and ultimately going in opposition of your goals. Join experts…

[Webinar Recording] The Technical Revolution of Digital Marketing

By , Communications Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing

In the recording, Bryan Minor, Acquisio's Chief Scientist and Danny Friscia, Senior Account Manager from Hanapin Marketing discuss the Technical Revolution of Digital Marketing. While most of us spend our days toiling away in the deepest details of paid search campaigns, scientists of paid search are running experiments, testing regression models and analyzing larger trends to unlock the fundamental secrets…