Advanced PPC Strategies

Once, you’ve completed your PPC exams you are truly one step beyond the skill level of an intermediate PPC manager. You really do know what you are doing!

Now the real challenge lays ahead. Can you customize your bid management strategies to mobile or e-commerce? Can you take advantage of dynamic remarketing and use automated bid management tools to simultaneously manage campaigns across multiple channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn? Now’s the time to take advantage of all the most powerful account features available to you from AdWords Editor to scripts and multi-channel analytics. Use this section to start conducting some serious PPC experiments!

10 Reasons You Will Save Time and Money with DoubleClick Search

DoubleClick Search (DS3) is a powerful bid management tool that offers a cross channel view of your paid search campaigns.  The platform will save you time and money, as it promotes integrated channel management. Most importantly, once you start using the tool you too will love the speed in which you can manage multiple paid search publisher accounts all in…
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9 Hacks For Custom Automation [New Webinar with Acquisio!]

"I wish I could spend all my time doing bid changes and pulling reports!" said NO ACCOUNT MANAGER EVER. Automating some of your PPC workload not only makes it easier on you, but puts those mundane and tedious tasks in their place. You've probably already done some automation with your account(s), but chances are, you haven't discovered all of these…

What PPC Impression Share Really Tells You

Impression share metrics are often used as the key indicator of one’s market share. A 100% impression share would indicate that you are reaching the entire traffic volume. But this metric would be misleading.   Our case study reveals that total impression share can be a quite misleading metric for determining your share of total voice. The metric is a…
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The People vs. Bing Broad Match

The fundamental principle behind PPC is the keyword match type. It’s literally how we determine when we show our ads on the search engine results page, so understanding this concept is an important step in comprehending PPC as a whole. When I first learned PPC, it was explained to me like so:   Exact match must contain the search query…
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[Webinar Recording] PPC Attribution: Bury The Last Click And Move On

Are you still only crediting the last click when you measure your marketing success? We hate to break it to you, but last click attribution is dying and no longer valid today. Modern analytics platforms allow you to go beyond last click and see all the interactions a user makes with your brand before the conversion. We all know different…