Advanced PPC Strategies

Once, you’ve completed your PPC exams you are truly one step beyond the skill level of an intermediate PPC manager. You really do know what you are doing!

Now the real challenge lays ahead. Can you customize your bid management strategies to mobile or e-commerce? Can you take advantage of dynamic remarketing and use automated bid management tools to simultaneously manage campaigns across multiple channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn? Now’s the time to take advantage of all the most powerful account features available to you from AdWords Editor to scripts and multi-channel analytics. Use this section to start conducting some serious PPC experiments!

Gain Insight Into User Intent With These Two Analytics Reports

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

PPC Hero series week rolls on as we focus today on two key Google Analytics report. Make sure to check out all posts this week, including Carrie's take on location extensions, Jacob's view of the destination URL report, and Kayla's look at how to use client service reports to improve retention.   In paid search our first goal is to get…
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Making Good Use Of Those Location Extensions

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

When the time comes to really push your accounts, it’s helpful to know where to push and what will help connect users to your product or service. This can be especially vital when you have both online retail business as well as brick & mortar locations.   Sure you have location extensions enabled (you do, right??) but do you simply bid up…
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Plunging Into New Markets [Webinar Recording]

By , Communications Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing

Google AdWords is the leading PPC network on the web, however there are some great alternatives out there to plunge your ad dollars into. Have you considered international PPC or trying out advertising on social media like Twitter and Facebook? Discover how you could get into other markets, why you should consider them, and the difference in advertising in other…

10 Ways To Grow Your PPC Account – New Whitepaper!

By , Communications Coordinator at Hanapin Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising can be one of the most effective and efficient marketing channels for driving conversions, traffic, leads and revenue. Once advertisers have had a taste, they are always looking for more ways to grow their market reach in the digital paid-per-click space. In this whitepaper, we cover 10 ways to grow your PPC program including keyword expansion techniques, Shopping…

Calls: The Conversion Paid Search Marketers Can’t Afford To Ignore

By , VP Marketing at Invoca

With the rapid adoption of smartphones, phone calls have shot to the forefront of paid search strategy because - and it doesn’t take an expert to tell you this - exactly 100% of consumers actually use their smartphones to actually make phone calls. But according to some real experts, the folks at Luma Partners, 52% of people who take action…
PPC Phone Calls