• http://twitter.com/JBGuru Jeremy J Brown

    Agreed. Separate bidding for tablets (down to -100%) is the big missing piece.

    Performance can differ by advertiser and they should be able to bid to that performance.

    Good point on the Display network. If Google doesn’t allow separate bidding for tablets, then I see a number of advertisers cutting back Display spend.

    • Sam Owen

      It’ll be really interesting to see what happens. Maybe when the day comes that I don’t head straight to my desktop if I actually need to do anything important on the computer, I’ll agree that Tablet is the same – until then it just doesn’t sit right with me. Thanks for reading!

    • http://twitter.com/christawatson Christa Watson

      Absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with both (or all) of you on this – we need full control over bidding by EACH device meaning tablet desktop and mobile. I’m seeing exactly the same issues with content and even some with search. Also need the ability to do this on a keyword level. Just like the ability to see data and adjust content adgroups eventually came I believe we’ll get there, just a questions of how long and how much $ wasted until we do. Great article Sam!

  • http://twitter.com/ferkungamaboobo Doug R. Thomas, Esq.

    As you admit, this is anecdotal data — 33 accounts, or even three times that amount, isn’t enough to effectively argue against even highly sampled data from the whole AdWords auction. And maybe that’s the point you’re making — that such a change has a large effect on a small amount of advertisers. On a side note, are those statistically significant comparisons?

    But I think too, CPAs and Conversion Rates are very hard to compare between websites or across a network — every site has idiosyncratic holes in its conversion optimization that might be highlighted on different platforms. It might be pie-in-the-sky thinking, but Google might be trying to force marketers to accept this and attempt to fix these issues as a unified website strategy… For that one that takes a lot of writing, it might be worth looking at changing the conversion to a less-valuable one that simply transfers data to a desktop, somewhat like the Play store’s feature to download to a device from desktop? Obviously the marketer doesn’t have 100% control over the website, but at the very least ideas can be bandied about, and clients tend to like making more money more efficiently.

    I personally felt somewhat vindicated by Google’s assertion — I’m constantly trying to shoehorn everyday desktop tasks into the tablet experiences I’ve had, with varying success. Maybe the goal for both Google and marketers is to stop forcing users to shoehorn and start selling widgets….

    • Sam Owen

      Honestly, I’m not sure I buy into the idea that Google used ‘highly sampled data’ from the whole auction. They probably just realized not enough people were spending money on Tablet advertising and they’d like some more. I also think 20 out of 33 accounts not being within 20% CPA is pretty startling and goes beyond merely anecdotal. If it were 3 or 4, it might be worth ignoring, but at that level clearly there is discrepancy.

      I do agree with you that advertisers and site designers need to get better at dealing with the Tablet experience though. Perhaps this will be the kick we all need to decide it’s worth doing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aldorena.baena Aldorena Pirela Baena

    IMHO.. this is for more expending budget…

  • Chad Summerhill

    Just sent this to my Google reps. Hoping for a change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.larry.kim Larry Kim

    hi sam! thanks for this article. So it appears that the biggest difference in performance that you pointed out was in the Google Display network. I think therefore, It’s worth pointing out that device segmentation is still an option for the google display network!

  • Robin

    When it was introduced, my alarm bells ringed instantly. We see mobile/tablet conversion rates of 0,2% (flash software for customizing products), and much higher conversion rates for desktop traffic. Let’s hope they will change it

    • Sam Owen

      Hi Robin,

      It’s really a shame – whereas a few months ago I was completely on top of Tablet specific performance, now it’s just something I have to accept I can’t do anything about. Fingers crossed that they add in the ability to change bids on Tablet only at a later time.