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enhanced campaigns bid modifier fine tuning

Fine-Tuning Bid Modifiers with Enhanced Campaigns

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Given the recent changes with Enhanced Campaigns that have rolled out in an optional fashion throughout Google AdWords accounts, I thought a quick tutorial on the basic bid modifier changes and how to apply them might be beneficial. There are plenty of opinions about how well the Enhanced Campaigns are going to work, but truthfully, the bid modifiers have few issues and are mostly positive in terms of saving account manager time down the road.

What else would you like to see walked-through in regards to Enhanced Campaigns like this? If you have more questions about the bid modifiers themselves, share those with us in the comments section below!

About the Author

Kayla Kurtz

Kayla Kurtz is currently the Paid Search Consultant for Hanapin Marketing, with vast experience as an Account Manager with the agency before taking on her current position. Her account work includes ecommerce and lead generation, with accounts spending between four and six figures monthly. Kayla is a graduate of Indiana University-Bloomington who frequently uses her Education degree to teach her peers the ins and outs of paid search marketing. When she's not working, she enjoys Colts football, White Sox baseball, Hoosier basketball and wine. Find her on Twitter @One800Kayla or on her Google+
  • susana_aparicio

    Thanks a lot Kayla Very instructive and really well explained

    • Kayla Kurtz

      No problem, Susana! Glad you found it helpful! Let me know what other topics you’d like to see us cover in video blogs, either Enhanced Campaign related or otherwise. Thanks for watching!

      • susana_aparicio

        Hi Kayla,
        actually it would be great if you could share with the community how are we
        going to keep the historic data when migrating campaigns that are duplicated to
        PC and Mobile, It is one of my worries ;) thanks again

        • Kayla Kurtz

          Sure thing! I think the big key factor to keeping your historic data is going to be a well mapped out report pulling schedule/process. Determine which areas of your account could potentially reset and pull a report for those areas (be it device segmented campaigns, ad extensions, etc.). Then, even though that data won’t be accessible in the interface or as easily comparable to the current data, you’ll still have it to go back and reference. Does that help/make sense?


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