Google AdWords—Applying Ad Review to Paused Ads

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Google has made yet another announcement for a feature change in the AdWords interface. As of yesterday, Google will now be proactively reviewing not only your enabled ads, but your paused ones as well.

According to Google’s Lauren Barbato, a crew member for the Inside AdWords blog, this change will make managing AdWords accounts that much easier for users as it further shortens any delay in getting your ads approved, despite their status.

At the core, this means PPC account managers with AdWords accounts can now write ads they may be interested in running or testing, upload them to the interface from the Editor (or within the interface itself) and leave them paused until approved. This may not seem like too big a deal, except in the instances where ads are permitted to run for a certain amount of time and are then disapproved and shut off. At that point you’ve wasted time and money collecting data on an ad that now has to be paused completely or changed (beware: changing an already existing ad will automatically reset all your data for that ad back to zero! If your ad does get disapproved, make an exact duplicate and make the necessary changes to the duplicate, NOT the original. That way you’ll preserve your data, no matter how little there may be, forever!). This new feature addition could cut down on some of those frustrations, and trust me, it’s happened in some of the Hanapin team’s accounts and it is not a good time. Kind of leaves you feeling like this little guy:

Angry Kitten in Fruit Helmet

What do you think? Will you use the paused ad preview to your benefit to be sure of ad approval going live with a particular ad? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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6 thoughts on “Google AdWords—Applying Ad Review to Paused Ads

  1. Corné Hoogendoorn

    This is nice way to take advantage of the review method. 
    But, there is also a disadvantage. In the account of a client from us are some ads disapproved for several reasons. They got warnings from Google and we paused the ads. Now, when Google decided to review the paused ads, there is a change that they get a final warning. In the worst case scenario they get totally busted out of AdWords.To prevent this, we decided to delete all the ads.

  2. Chris

    I’m not so sure this is a benefit as most professionals will know 95% of the time whether an ad will be approved or not. We generally know which ones are likely to be a problem due to trademarks, restricted phrases, etc.

    I agree with Corne … leaving disapproved ad’s in an account will very quickly escalate if they’re just left there. From experience Google seems to count these and then issue a warning once you go over a ‘certain’ number. 

    My real concern is whether Google will now re-approve existing paused ad’s ? Many of these were written a while ago and some may not get approved due to new policies. I’m concerned about ending up with a bunch of disapproved ad’s (which were previously approved).

    1. Kayla Stockert

      Thanks for the comments, Chris!

      I agree that it isn’t highly likely this method will be used by many, but it could be useful for less experienced ad writers who don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the ad writing guidelines.

      Also, as far as I know, this is not a back-dated review process, meaning they will only be reviewing NEW paused ads, not ads already in the account with a paused status.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and check back often. And let me know if you hear or experience something different with old ads being reviewed!

  3. Corné Hoogendoorn

    @Chris, I share youre concern. The client I wrote about has had his final warning 1,5 years ago. Then they came to our agency but the warning still counts. So, to prevent a penalty due to (very) old ads, we deleted them all.


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