Has Google’s Display URL Policy Affected You Yet?

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Hat-tip to Stuart Brown for the “Google is a Giant Robot” Image

Back in February we announced Google’s intention to change their Display URL policy. Well, more accurately, their intention to strictly enforce policies they’ve had for some time! In the weeks that followed, Google made it’s own announcement and other sites put in their 2 cents as well. The date that these changes went into effect was April 1st.

To be perfectly honest, I was a member of the “Is Google really going to enforce these rules?” club. For more than a month I saw nothing. Then this week I finally had my first disapproved ad. When I inquired as to the time lapse in enforcement, my Google representative said that existing ads were being reviewed on a rolling basis. Guess that means my number was up!

According to a recent post at Search Engine Roundtable, they have begun seeing reports of the policies finally being enforced across the board. Interestingly, they haven’t heard of anyone being overly upset. Could it be that Google gave fair warning and advertisers either planned accordingly or are smart enough to suck it up? Perhaps.

Has anyone else begun seeing this policy enforced in your accounts?

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2 thoughts on “Has Google’s Display URL Policy Affected You Yet?

  1. ed kephart

    I have started working with a clickbank affiliate program, and when I copy and pasted the hoplink to my destination URL, google disapproved my ad saying that the destination URL did not match my display URL. In the hoplink, there was a fair amount of text, numbers, characters, and what not, but further into the dest. URL, my domain name was in the code. What can I do to make sure that my domain links back to the vendor’s website, without getting another disapproval from google. Can I shorten the dest. or hide most of the characters, up to the point where my domain name is shown? Will that do?

    I really need some help….. would you mind?


  2. Patsy Fagan

    I have just my ad disapproved. It says ‘innacurate display URL’. It says my URL which is PatsyFaganPhotography.co.uk is innacurate and should read cmd.mobile.com.
    Does this mean that if I wish to advertise with Google I may not use cmd to host my site?
    Google have given me a series of instructions that say click on the Ads tab and under Filter and Views, select Filter ads. As filter and views doesn’t appear anywhere nor does filter ads.
    I have spent hundreds of pounds advertising with Google and in the most important month of a photographers year my ad is down.
    Google is obviously intended for huge companies does anybody know of any other way to advertise on the net? I wouldn’t buy a garment from any merchant I can’t contact directly when the product is unsuitable. How can the government allow a monopoly company like google to refuse to deal with individual issues and complaints?


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