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Live PPC Grader: Are You Acing or Failing? [Webinar]

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Cut out what doesn’t work and expand what does.

Optimizing your account is simple in theory, but it can be a lot more complex when it comes time to execute. One potential complication: What, exactly, needs to change? What bids should you double down on, and what campaigns simply aren’t working?

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Knowing what to change in your PPC accounts can be tricky, which is why WordStream and Hanapin Marketing are hosting a PPC Grader Clinic to show you:

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This webinar takes place on Friday, September 20 at 1:00pm EDT.

  • Rodrigo Toranzos Villazón

    Hi guys,

    I just attended the webinar, and found it very interesting and insightful. I was wondering if the presentation was going to be available somehow, or at least the links at the end for the special offers. That would be great.

    Thanks for the webinar!

    • PPC Hero

      Hi Rodrigo,

      The recording will be up on the site this week. Thanks for attending!

  • ddofborg

    I missed this webinar. I’d love to see the recording!

    • PPC Hero

      Stay tuned to PPC Hero! It’ll be up this week.


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