Microsoft adCenter Gets An Upgrade!

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“Never complain when someone tries to help you. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself, it’s just making it easier.”

My fiancé likes to say this to me when I get upset at him for trying to help me do things I want to do by myself (like move a heavy box, grab something off the top shelf, etc.). Great advice, right? Keeping that in mind, Microsoft adCenter has made another move to make things easier on the PPC manager for adCenter accounts!

According to Yahoo! Advertising Solutions, Microsoft adCenter is seeing a new round of upgrades this week that include:

  • Radius Targeting: Target users using relevant business information and an interactive map within a radius of 5-100 miles. Also new additions to geo-location report, direct access to this feature from Campaigns tab, and other targeting improvements.
  • Alerts: Color-coded flags will now appear in the upper left-hand corner of the adCenter screen to alert the account manager to any issues within the account. Flags are either red (critical alert) or yellow (non-critical alert) and are accessible from any tab in adCenter.
  • Quality Score Optimization: The desktop tool now allows you to view quality score data, create advanced filters and bulk update keywords based on that data.
  • Improved Campaign Budgeting: The account will automatically calculate a monthly budget for you when you set up campaigns with a daily budget amount.

So what’s the moral of the story? You could calculate your own monthly budget after setting up a daily budget campaign and you could find out if there’s a critical billing issue in your account without some of these updates, but they will certainly make life that much easier! So get out of adCenter’s way and let it help you, but don’t tell my fiancé that I said he gives good advice. I’ll never hear the end of it…

What do you think about the adCenter upgrades? Do you see yourself using them often or are you so used to doing some of it on your own it will be hard to remember the shortcut assists? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments section below!

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8 thoughts on “Microsoft adCenter Gets An Upgrade!

  1. Brad Merkel

    Anyone having trouble upgrading?  I keep getting the message that “prerequisites” are missing during the install process, and the setup.exe file which I suppose is there to address the prerequisites issue fails as well.  

    Why oh why can’t they just make a Mac version?

      1. Brad Merkel

        Hi Kayla,

        I was referring to the desktop tool, but even the online interface is a nuisance as I have to restart Firefox in 32bit mode to use adcenter since I don’t have IE.

        Thanks for pointing out the new features though.  Glad to see that MSN is trying to improve things.  

        1. Kayla Stockert

          I had the same issue with the 32bit mode, as I use Firefox as well. Like you said…more of an annoyance there than anything.

          As far as the desktop tool, we’re actually having some trouble getting our’s to restart here at Hanapin, too. Troubleshooting it as we speak…I’ll report back anything we find to fix it! One recommendation we received was to completely delete the desktop tool from your computer and re-download it. Though I warn you, that didn’t seem to help our case and we’re still trying!

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  3. Coldhotmail_24

    I am not even getting impressions since 10pm , June 28th. All my 9 campaigns are at 0 impressions which is very odd. seems like some kind of bug? Is adcenter not working ?

    1. Kayla Stockert

      We are definitely having issues with the desktop tool crashing since the newest round of upgrades (no word yet on whether it’s related to the upgrade or just bad timing) but accounts seem to be working just fine as far as ad service, etc.

      Do you have any of the new alert notifications showing up in the upper left corner of the interface?

  4. Kayla Stockert

    Great comment, Alex! I tend to agree with you…the (lack of) usability with the desktop tool in general is disappointing a lot of the time. Probably more often than the new features will be helpful, because after all…the desktop tool has to open for me to utilize the new features 😉


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