One Month-In: The Ultimate AdWords Optimization Checklist

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing


Our friend Andrew Lolk has written some great posts about key AdWords optimizations you should be considering during the first month of your account. The info was so great, in fact, that White Shark Media made an info-GRAPHIC (see what we did there?) out of it.

Andrew’s original posts are great reads for new accounts, so check them out here, and scroll down for the full infographic:


AdWords Infographic for Account Optimizations for New Accounts

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6 thoughts on “One Month-In: The Ultimate AdWords Optimization Checklist

  1. sandy

    very nice representation. any specific reason why should we delete low search volume keywords. Do they harm in any way if they still remain there in the account with this status.

    1. PPC Hero AllyPPC Hero

      The biggest drawback to having those keywords is that they can clutter up your account and make it harder to optimize. You shouldn’t see any huge negatives to having them around, but they can build up quickly and you may forget about them farther down the road, which leads to a bunch of keywords that aren’t doing anything for you.

      Glad you liked the post!

  2. Spook SEO

    Focusing on the campaign that gave you a good traffic will not always
    be the key. You will also have to work with the others in case they fail you.
    This is a little too hard to grasp at first but it will soon come if you
    experience change of settings from your previous campaigns.

  3. Rina Ashton

    If you want some help with your PPC advertising, we’re doing free campaign audits, if anyone is interested feel free to call us at 888-641-5026.


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