PPC Hero’s Guide to Multi-Channel Funnels for PPC Managers

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Multi-Channel Funnels were launched earlier this year and, personally, I think it’s the most valuable tool Google has released since I started workingin PPC. Before multi-channel funnels, showing clients the true value of PPC advertising was nearly impossible. Now, MCF allows PPC managers to see all how all the pieces of online marketing channels work together to create a conversion. This tool is so valuable to all of us at PPC Hero that we’ve created a guide to how to use multi-channel funnels to get insights on your PPC accounts and improve overall performance.

You can access the guide from the link below, or find in anytime on our Guides tab at the top of the page.

PPC Hero’s Guide to Google’s Multi-Channel Funnels for PPC Managers

Below is what you’ll get from the guide:

Chapter 1: Multi-Channel Funnels Basics

Chapter 2: The 5 Multi-Channel Reports

  1. Overview Report
  2. Assisted Conversions Report
  3. Top Conversion Paths Report
  4. Time Lag Report
  5. Path Length Report

Chapter 3: Channel Groupings

  • Basic Channel Grouping
  • Custom Channel Groupings
  • 3 Steps to Creating a Custom Channel Grouping

Chapter 4: 5 PPC Questions To Answer Using MCF

Chapter 5: Improving PPC Performance With Multi-Channel Funnels

  • Find Valuable Keywords
  • Allocate Spend to Increase Conversions
  • Assess Display Network Placements

As Google continues to update MCF features, we’ll update this guide as well to provide you the most current information.

Let us know how you’ve been using MCF for your PPC accounts below!

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4 thoughts on “PPC Hero’s Guide to Multi-Channel Funnels for PPC Managers

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  2. Lwilson

    I am a Paid search advertiser for ShopAtHome.com and I just have a general question about AdWords.  When setting up the content network and using destination URLs for tracking purposes, where should you put the destination URLs.  I have heard that you need to put them at the ad level because in the Content network Google wont use the KWs for tracking purposes and only uses the KWs to know what type of placements to use.  I have also heard that if you don’t have destination URLs on the managed placements you have then Google will use the destination URL at the keyword level.  Can I get some clarification on this?

    1. Bethany BeyBethany Bey

      You can put destination urls at the keyword, ad, and managed placement level for Display campaigns. The order of priority for google is managed placement > keyword > ad. If you don’t have a managed placement URL to triggers the keyword level, if there’s no keyword level it triggers the ad level.

      You can have keyword level urls on the Display network. If someone clicks on a Display ad, Google will determine which keyword best matches the content on that site and use that keyword’s destination url.

      Here’s a link with more explanation:https://support.google.com/adwords/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=116284

      Thanks for reading!

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