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PPC News Roundup for September 10, 2008

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  • Mike Mothner from has written a great post on ways to supercharge your landing pages. Some ways he mentions include keeping your contact form simple, don’t let your users get distracted and what I think may be the most important tip, Mike says to tell users they have found what they are looking for right away.
  • The folks at Website Magazine have compiled a list of 25 essential elements that should be taken into consideration with any landing page creation or review. Very helpful.
  • The Association of National Advertisers opposes a Google-Yahoo Advertising Partnership. Read more about it here.
  • FutureNow reported last week that search behavior on Google has changed significantly in the past 3 years.  In a side-by-side comparison of an eye-tracking study, you can see that Google users are concentrating on the top results (the “Golden Triangle”) more than ever.
  • Brad Geddes reminds us all why it’s important to separate Content and Search statistics when reporting on AdWords traffic.  His post summarizes the differences between Content and Search and explains why you should keep them separate.  “…it’s not that the content network is inherently bad or good. It’s a distribution channel that needs to be treated differently than other channels.”
  • Surprise, surprise!  Google AdWords has a new report!  It’s called the Geographic Performance report, and it gives us a better understanding of the geographic distribution of impressions, clicks and conversions down to the ad group level.  Unfortunately, we can’t see keyword level in this report.  Regardless, this will certainly help us to refine current geo-targeting, or better yet – to decide on *new* locations to target with AdWords!
  • The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog has written a general “what not to do” with your paid search efforts. There really isn’t anything to dispute as the information is pretty basic, but it’s always good to review and make sure you’re not making any common PPC mistakes!
  • Optimizing a pre-existing AdWords campaign can be a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to really test your PPC skills! Shimon Sandler has some good advice on how to optimize a pre-existing account. Good stuff!

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  • Shimon Sandler

    Thanks for the mention :-)
    Mispelled my last name.

  • John

    @ Shimon,

    Sorry about the error! It has been fixed. : ) Regardless, good content should always be reward with a link (especially a correctly spelled one).

  • Douglas Karr

    The eyetracking study appears to be quite deceiving since the example that they provide has no sponsored links on it.


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