PPC & SEO Unite with the New Paid & Organic Report in AdWords

By , Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing


AdWords has done it again with the release of another amazing new report that will allow online marketers to analyze and optimize your paid & organic search traffic directly in AdWords. The data is pulled via Webmaster tools and populated in your AdWords account so you don’t have to be using Google Analytics to view the paid & organic traffic.  The PPC and SEO gloves can come off and start to work together with this valuable insight to help improve overall online marketing performance.


Here’s the motivation from the AdWords release:

Previously, most search reports showed paid and organic performance separately, without any insights on user behavior when they overlap. The new paid & organic report is the first to let you see and compare your performance for a query when you have either an ad, an organic listing, or both appearing on the search results page.

Google has a few suggestions for using this new report:

Discover additional keywords. Use the report to discover potential keywords to add to your AdWords accounts by looking for queries where you only appear in organic search with no associated ads.

Optimize presence on high value queries. Use the report to improve your presence in paid results and monitor your high value queries for organic results.  

Measure changes holistically. As you test website improvements or AdWords changes to bids, budgets, or keywords, you can more easily report the impact across paid, organic, and combined traffic.

In order to start using this new report you will have to link your Webmaster Tools account with your AdWords account.

How To Link Your AdWords Account To Webmaster Tools Account:

1.     My Account > Linked Accounts

2.     Webmaster Tools > Details

3.     Enter your domain          

4.     Click “Continue”

5.     It will offer you a couple options to verify your domain. Select one option and then check “Verify”

6.     If accounts link successfully, you’ll get a “Congratulations” message. Click Done.



Once you get your accounts linked correctly, here’s how you’ll be able to locate this report:

  • Head to the Dimensions tab
  • Paid & Organic

Dimension Tab

  • Customize Columns by adding Keyword, Ad Group or Campaign. Columns > Customize Columns > Ad Stats

Customize Columns

*Organic traffic will only populate data from the time the Webmaster account has been linked

The age-old question of “should I bid on these terms via search, or assume we will rank for organic?” can be put to rest with this new transparency available in AdWords. It should allow online marketers to optimize for maximum conversions across both channels. 

I tried to run this report myself to do a little case study but since I had just linked the Webmaster Tools account, I didn’t have enough data (boo). As we start to gather more data you can expect more case studies and information regarding this report. So link up your Webmaster Tools accounts to AdWords, try out the Paid & Organic report and share your findings or thoughts with us!

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11 thoughts on “PPC & SEO Unite with the New Paid & Organic Report in AdWords

  1. Ben

    Hi Cassie,
    So the stats associated with the “Organic Only”…So that means Google is saying when someone searches for the particular keyword I am bidding on, and there is no paid ad, they are giving the amount of clicks, impressions, CTR only when someone clicks on any of the organic listings?

    1. Cassie OumedianCass_Oumedian

      Hi Ben, I just checked an account that had a small amount of data and it appears that someone doesn’t need to actually click on the organic listing for the data to populate. If the query is searched, it will show data in the Organic Only section. This is still pretty new to me so I’m still trying to figure out how it works but here is a link with more specifics about the report https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3097241/ . Hope this helps! Thanks for reading!!

  2. Toni Voutilainen

    Checking out the first stats right now. This is a great update. But Google could do so much better, e.g. by showing the conversion data here as well.

    1. Cassie OumedianCass_Oumedian

      Hi Toni, I totally agree. The lack of conversion data kind of limits what we could do with this information. I may go and post a feature request in the AdWords community about this one. Thanks for reading!

      1. Toni Voutilainen

        Thanks Cassie, I guess there’s a good chance it moves the big G to action if we all bug them about it enough. 🙂

  3. Akash Hande

    I have been implementing adword campaign as well as SEO, when i pause my adwords campaign my organic rank is among top 3 in SERPs for a keyword but when i resume my adword campaign and search for the same keyword my organic ranking drops down, what do you think the problem is?

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

  4. cwpr

    AdWords is such a powerful tool, and not everyone can make the most of it. This post gives a good general idea, but in my opinion one of the most effective ways to rank very quickly on Google is using a review system. The equation is very simple: new reviews generate fresh SEO content = lift in Google ranking!
    There are so many benefits from using reviews an ecommerce should be aware of, here some examples :
    – Increase of the CRT (Click-Through-Rate)
    – Decrease of PPC
    – Activation of Google seller ratings extension
    – Boost the conversion rate
    – The golden stars on Google AdWords
    The feedback management companies on the market are every day more and more, but the benefits mentioned above are provided only by some of them, I know that the best on the market at the moment are eKomi and Bazaarvoice.

  5. Cassie OumedianCass_Oumedian

    Hi Ana, It looks like you might be logged into your MCC account. In order to Link a domain to your AdWords account, you need to be in the individual account, not the MCC. Try and see if that works for you. Good Luck!

  6. PPC Bro

    Any troubleshooting tips when I can’t get any rows to show “Organic Only” when I know I do rank for high-volume queries?

  7. ken

    I heard a company named results driven marketing
    does free negative keyword audits i would recommend talking to them at 888-648-5526


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