Sign The Petition To Keep Control Of Your Ad Rotation Settings

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing


Earlier this week, Sean Quadlin told you all about how Google’s New Ad Rotation Setting Are The Devil. Well, it seems you all agree. Neil Sorenson (@iNeils) started a petition to Google to get them to change this setting back to the way it was, when we had control over our ad rotation. As of this posting, there is already 117 signatures! If you agreed with Sean and think this update is the devil, click here to sign the petition and let Google know what’s up! Just be careful, because casually pepper spraying cop could hear tale of your protest, like he did for piano cat, here.



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5 thoughts on “Sign The Petition To Keep Control Of Your Ad Rotation Settings

  1. Dion

    An opt-out option might appease both sides.  Google would still facilitate more clicks in neglected campaigns and the savvy advertiser could still exercise full control.

  2. Andy Smith

    Ridiculous! A lot of my adgroups require longer than 30 days to make a judgement on which is better. 
    I want to decide what is working better too. 

  3. Christa Watson

    I’m with Dion, as much as I don’t like how controlling Google is getting, I think the feature should be more robust than just dismissed…. Make is adjustable like retargeting, so you can set the number of days you want to rotate and include an opt out. This way it becomes a feature and not just another big brother push.


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