Upcoming PPC Webinars!

By Megan Stout | @Hanapin | Senior Designer at Hanapin Marketing

This December is a big month for Hanapin & PPC Hero! Why you ask? Because we’ll be hosting two Webinars! Get the details below:

December Webinar #1

Topic: 10 Things to Consider When Coordinating PPC and SEO Campaigns
Date & time: Thursday, December 6th @ 12pm
Co-host: Intrapromote
Description: PPC and SEO are two sides of the same coin — If you want to have a successful web presence for your brand you need to know how they work together. So how do you do it? Whether you’re working with in-house teams for coverage, outsourcing to one agency for both, or using separate agencies for each, this presentation will help you align your strategies to present the most effective online picture of your business to potential consumers.

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December Webinar #2

Topic: PPC Optimization Clinic: Live account assessments plus tips for optimizing your PPC Performance
Date & time: Wednesday, December 12th @ 1pm
Co-host: Wordstream
Description: Optimizing PPC accounts can be tricky, which is why WordStream and Hanapin Marketing are hosting a PPC Optimization Clinic to give you an inside look at live PPC accounts audits, the differences between a healthy and sick account, and must have tips for your own accounts.

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