Use AdWords Scripts to Quiet the PPC Noise

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing


The job of a PPC manager is busy, complicated, and every once in a while just a little tedious. But with Google AdWords scripts, processes can be automated, redundant tasks can be eliminated, and you can focus on the more important, strategic aspects of the job.

AdWords Scripts Help and Tips White PaperScripts are something we’ve been talking about a lot here on PPC Hero, for no other reason (really) than that we believe in them. We use them to make our job easier, and the execution is so simple, it’s hard to imagine someone *not* using AdWords scripts to change the way they manage their account.

That said, getting started can be a little scary. And that’s exactly why we put together this white paper about getting started with AdWords scripts. The goal should be simple: Harness the full power of AdWords automation without buying expensive software or hiring a programmer. So go ahead, start experimenting (or getting better) with scripts today with our quiet-the-noise white paper.

What’s inside?

  • How (exactly) to get started with AdWords scripts by focusing on what’s most important to do quickly in your account
  • What areas scripts can help with right away, and what areas might need more thorough plans
  • How to automate your reports and make them more powerful, frequent and useful

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9 thoughts on “Use AdWords Scripts to Quiet the PPC Noise

  1. Eric Barnes

    These blogs are getting to be extremely annoying. We get it, you guys sell your services like script.
    Please stop releasing it every week. It’s a waste if time.

    1. PPC Hero AllyPPC Hero

      Hi Eric!

      To be fair, this post is actually about a white paper we wrote explaining how anyone can get started using scripts, specifically without buying software or hiring anyone. It’s not a plug for our Hero Pro services and it really is a useful educational piece!

      Duly noted, however, that too many posts about actual services can be annoying. We try to limit information about Hero Pro to whenever we have a new release, which is quite regularly, but not weekly. Thank you for reading!

  2. José I. González

    Guys, please continue to publish your services, there’s a lot of people like us, that we appreciate the work you’re doing! Best

  3. Rina Ashton

    Just call results driven marketing ( 888-641-5026 ) and they’ll help you with a free audit of your Adwords campaign.

  4. Steve Squier

    Is the structure of your Adwords account sufficient to being easily managed, optimized, and achieve a positive ROI? If not, here’s a tip on how to do that: Split the types of advertising into different campaigns. Have one for search, one for banners, one for search remarketing, one for display remarketing, etc. This easily helps you see which kinds of ads perform well for your business. Remarketing gets mad props but it doesn’t always work with all kinds of website prospects and can just run up costs. You can easily tell if banners are working in comparison to search keywords if they’re in different campaigns. So there’s your tip for the day folks – to those that are newer to Google Adwords at least. In fact, if you’re new and need help, I bet Simon could give you a leg up on your campaign, just give him a call at 325-446-1507 .

  5. dean jackson

    As a Google PPC ninja once told me, it is important to constantly split-test new ads so that messaging is consistently being refined in a competitive marketplace. That happens on at least two levels: 1) The ads themselves, inside Adwords. It has easy split testing for ads and reports optimal performance. 2) On your landing page itself. That’s where a lot of people miss the boat on conversions. They blame the ads but don’t split test elements or versions of their landing pages. There are lots of ways to do this, but it’s kind of technical and as a business owner I couldn’t really be bothered with learning the details, but I can refer you to Simon. Call him – 302-401-4478.

    1. Orun Bhuiyan

      It looks like this guy ( from the Philippines), comments exclusively on the blogs of other agencies, promoting the marketing services of some guy named Simon in Dover, Delaware.

      Simon’s number is (302) 401-4478. Feel free to call him and give him a piece of your mind.

      1. PPC Hero AllyPPC Hero

        Hi Orun!

        Thanks for pointing this one out! We get a few spam posts from this “company” every once in a while. Looks like this one slipped through the net!

        If you don’t mind, I’ll remove the phone number from your comment as well 🙂

        1. Orun Bhuiyan

          Not at all! it’s a peculiar strategy since they’re just leaving a phone number behind and not a backlink, that must be why they aren’t being affected by Disqus’ spam filters.

          Have a great week!


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