Using Excel Solver To Set Daily Budgets: Part 2

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing


Earlier in the week we posted on how to use Excel Solver to set your daily campaign budgets. For those of you who wanted to see the whole process in action we put together a video to clarify how to use it. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below!


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5 thoughts on “Using Excel Solver To Set Daily Budgets: Part 2

  1. Lee Hudson

    This is great, Solver is amazing! Thanks for the introduction. I have one question though. A vast majority of my spend is through a PLA campaign, which doesnt show as a display or search in the lost IS budget. What would you suggest here?

    1. Sam OwenSam Owen

      Hi Lee, thanks for watching.

      With PLAs you need to handle things a little differently. Generally it depends on your current CPAs – my experience is that PLAs have been so good in accounts that I let them get as much budget as possible. However, if you’re seeing them with middle of the pack CPA, you might want to make sure all campaigns with better CPA have as much budget as they are able to spend before assigning more.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Anton Danilov

    Thx Sam for this post, it’s really very interesting) But this method worked if CR is a constant parameter, how it’s worked if CR hesitate becouse of seasonality or maybe anather reason?

    1. Sam OwenSam Owen

      If you have a changing C/R you won’t have fixed budgets. You’ll need to adjust them as time goes on. You could have a projected C/R for each week/month/day of the week etc. and run the a set number of times til you have a full map of how you want your budgets to be set each day of the month.

      I’m thinking you’d need to do two things:
      1. Use solver to set your budgets for each day of the month – Do you want budgets higher at the end of the month nearer Christmas? This would have to be done on projected C/Rs.
      2. Use solver to change allocation of campaigns on a per week basis if you think the C/R of each campaign will be different (rather than a net +10% improvement across the board).

      I haven’t ever set up anything that complicated, but it might be a cool case study.


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