Advanced PPC Strategies: With Great Knowledge Comes Great PPC Performance

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Recently, we asked our readers what topics they would like to see covered when it comes to advanced pay-per-click management strategies. There were several good suggestions, and this week we’re going to discuss some of the topics our readers are most interested in learning about.

Writing about advanced PPC management can help veteran ppc’ers as well as beginners. Brushing up on PPC management basics is always necessary, but advanced PPC strategies can increase your traffic, conversions and achieve a better understanding of the complexity of PPC as a whole. By the end of the week we hope everyone will feel a little smarter; maybe even as smart as our PPC Hero Professor! (hence the image for the series!). So, stay tuned this week to learn about the following advanced PPC topics:>

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9 thoughts on “Advanced PPC Strategies: With Great Knowledge Comes Great PPC Performance

  1. KJ

    I’ve asked a few search professionals this question and have never received a good answer. If a keyword is performing at an acceptable ROI/ROAS, but the max bid is much greater than the avg cpc, will I benefit even more by bidding the CPC down to the avg cpc making my ROI more favorable? Am I wasting money by keeping the CPC where it is?


  2. AmberAmber Post author

    I don’t think you’re wasting money by keeping your max bid where it is. Because you’re getting a good roi where it is, I wouldn’t lower your bids to reach your average CPC. That could only potentially decrease your ad position and decrease your ROI. I would leave your bid where it is. Does that help?

  3. SEO India

    Lowering max bid is not a good idea as you need to keep your position. If you have a compelling ad and can increase CTR a bit, that lowers the actual CPC, but still keeps your position in tact. You can even rank higher. Thats with google.

  4. Sophie Jayne

    Do you know what site offer this PPC?
    I have a question… how can you relate epic traffic systems to PPC?
    I think there’s a lot of terms still I don’t know yet so please enlightened me in a beginners level.

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