6 thoughts on “AdWords Self-Optimizing Accounts Are Live (And Already Among Us)

  1. JT Smith - Selfpedia

    Personally I think automated rules are undervalued by today’s AdWords users. You can set them up to do just about every bidding task out there.

    If your goal is to get volume of conversions at a certain CPA, you could set up a weekly rule that says to bump up bids when average position is low and CPA is low. You could put a same bid on the same keywords that says to lower bids any time CPA is high.

    1. Gianpaolo LorussoGianpaolo Lorusso

      You are right JT,
      Even if I am not a big fan of automated rules changing bids in the account because: a) I did not find a rule fitting effectively to all accounts, b) you would anyway be forced to control where they brought your CPCs.
      I definitely prefer to pass to CPA bidding (if you have enough conversions to do it), which is by far the most effective way to react to competitors, without having to worry about your CPC levels.

  2. Boyang Sun

    MAN……From reading the title, I thought Google AdWords launched a self-optimizing account type and the AI overlords are finally gonna take over my job.

    Thanks for giving me a heart attack.

  3. Ben

    What did you mean in the 2nd paragraph about the flexible bid strategy? Also what recent changes are you referring to that weaken the impact of phrase and exact match? What are you trying to say on this?


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