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Jessica is a former Account Manger at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through pay-per-click advertising.

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Behind the Scenes at PPC Hero

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I’m very excited to bring you an article about the team behind PPC Hero.  It takes about 20 people each month to help run the blog, write research and news articles and keep up the “cheekiness” that is PPC Hero.  We’re a fun, hard-working group here at PPC Hero and I’m thrilled to share a bit more about some of…
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SOPA: Rogue Websites vs. Censorship

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The Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA was introduced to the U.S. House on October 26.  You’ve probably been following the bill through the news and recent hearings on November 16 and December 15 regarding details to the bill, but if you haven’t, I’d like to give a general overview of what SOPA is, what supporters and opponents of this…
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Google Analytics Real Time

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With the new version of Google Analytics that was recently launched alongside  Multi-channel funnels, Google also launched a new Beta called Real-Time.  The launch was actually on September 29, and search marketers with access have done a great job of digging into this neat new tool and seeing what it can really do, and what sort of impact it might…
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A Starter Guide for Advertising on Linked In

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I’ve finally had the opportunity to run some ads on Linked In for a client!  Today, I’m going to share with you some tips for getting things setup, and the different features that Linked In offers for advertisers. Being that I work in an agency setting, my initial question was how can I run ads for a client as a…
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5 Tips for Transitioning an Established PPC Account

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Ideally, you’ll be working with a client for several years, but since we live in an un-ideal world, sometimes clients shop around with different agencies, freelancers or in-house PPC managers before they find one that sticks.  It’s also not unheard of to have to change around support on an account internally.  The issue that this causes is a brand new…
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Understanding Auto tagging & 3rd Party Tracking

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Download the PDF presentation here: Auto tagging and 3rd Party Tracking Presentation On Wednesday, Hanapin Marketing had its monthly company-wide training seminar (RedBop).  We had some wonderful presentations and were able to get together as a company and share ideas.  I worked with Abby and Jeff this month to present on the very broad topic of tagging urls and checking conversion…
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Newest Developments for the Google Display Network

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This is the third post in PPC Hero’s series on How to Succeed on the Display Network. This post focuses on some of the newest developments Google has made and how they apply to making the Display Network work better for advertisers. Yesterday, Bethany wrote on the best practices for the Google Display Network and last week, Sarah and I had…
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Top of Page and First Page Bid Estimates

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If you use AdWords, I'm sure you've noticed a status called 'First Page Bid Estimate' and maybe even decided to opt in to the newer 'Top of Page Estimate' that you can now make a column in your interface.  These bid estimates can give some great insight into an optimization opportunity, but it's also important to know how AdWords calculates these estimates…
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Ad Writing Tips for a New Account

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Welcome to part 3 of our series ‘Starting an AdWords Account From Scratch.’  In this article, we’ll be covering ad writing.  Your ad groups won’t start triggering impressions until you have at least one active ad running.  Read on for best practices and writing ideas. The Importance of Great Ads: Thorough keyword research and a tightly knit structure will be…
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