Catch More Clicks and Conversions with Better Ad Text: Use the Right Lures!

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Our quest to make better PPC accounts for everyone continues! In our previous series we have expanded your view on the AdWords Quality Score, and we have revitalized and re-invigorated your PPC campaign in 5 days. This time around we will help you catch more clicks and conversions with better ad texts by using the right lures!

The internet is like an ocean. There are little fish swimming around, looking to nibble on something – they are known as searchers. Search engine marketers are the fishermen of this vast body of virtual water. Your PPC account is your tackle box with plenty of useful tools. From a certain point-of-view, ad texts are your lures. You need to have have the best lures to snag the best fish in the sea!

Here’s what in store for the week. Get your fishin’ gear ready!

MondayThe Benefits of Using Benefit Driven Ad Texts: What’s in Your Tackle Box?

TuesdayIncrease Your Click-Through Rate With Tasty Promo Offers and Calls-to-Action

WednesdayUse Qualifiers in Your Ad Text: 4 Ways to Catch the BEST Leads, Not the MOST Leads

ThursdayHow to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion to Hook Customers

FridayYou Will Never Write the Perfect Ad Text, but Here Are 3 Ways To Keep Getting Closer

Friday7 Ways to Be Sure You’re Writing the Best Ads Possible

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6 thoughts on “Catch More Clicks and Conversions with Better Ad Text: Use the Right Lures!

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  2. JoeJoe Post author

    @Samantha: We use all 3 match types within each ad group. Remember, your ad groups should be broken down so that they are tightly structured. As your account matures, you may find keywords could be broken out by match types into separate ad groups.


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