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How hard can it be to write a 25 character headline, and a 75 character PPC ad text?! Pretty darn hard! Writing successful pay-per-click ad texts is an art form. You have to know how to present a vast amount of information and persuasion in a little, tiny space. The articles listed here will help you write awesome paid search ad texts!

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Which Facebook Objective Is Best For Me?

Before you start any type of advertising, you should ask yourself, “What kind of results do I want for my ads?”  While generally this is decided at the business level and part of the optimizations process, Facebook takes matters into …

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Statistical Significance? Who Needs It? (Hint: YOU Do!)

We talk about testing. A lot. We talk about testing so much, you might think that all you need to do is simply create a test and you’ll be a PPC Hero yourself! Today we’re going to clarify how statistical …

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Ad Copy: The Forgotten Ingredient of PPC Success

I find it amazing as pay per click professionals we spend so much time talking about account structure, keywords, and bidding, yet ad copy is treated as an afterthought. After all doesn’t Google Adwords and Bing Ads contain the word …

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Targeting Your Mispeeled Search Temrs

Misspellings and typos are part of this wonderful and mysterious world of technology in which we live. Hurriedly typing in a search query while simultaneously performing six other tasks or trying to get your huge thumbs to accurately convey your …

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Engagement Ads: New Way For Getting Customers To Interact With Your Brand

Google has developed a new ad format called ‘Engagement Ads’. The purpose of these ads is to provide an interactive way for users to engage with your brand. Google recognizes that branding is a different marketing objective than direct response, …

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Shortcut To A Quick Holiday Ad Boost!

This month’s series will be centered around helping you prepare your PPC accounts for the holidays. Even if you’re not necessarily selling goods people would buy for gifts, you still need to know how to take advantage of the extra web traffic or how to keep your account from drowning in the wave. Whether you’re wondering about Remarketing optimizations, CRO, Facebook, budgeting,  or how to plan for the biggest days–we’ll help you get prepared!


56 Days Till Christmas: A Quick Guide To Planning For The Holidays

We’ve seen the leaves changing, sweatshirts adorned with pumpkins, and so much candy everywhere we turn! While we enjoy the fall, that sneaky holiday season is right behind it! If you’ve not yet begun planning for how to manage your …


Social Media PPC: Advertising vs. Content Marketing

I’ll admit it: I used to be the guy that always wanted to get one thing straight — there was Social Media, and there was advertising on social media platforms. It’s an important distinction because a banner ad on a …