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Forget 140 characters, PPC experts have had to write ads in just 110! How hard can it be to write a 25 character headline, and a 75 character PPC ad text?! Pretty darn hard!

Writing successful pay-per-click ad texts is an art form. You have to really understand your keyword research to communicate useful information and persuade your audience in a little, tiny space. Then multiply that by the number of campaigns you have running and you’ve got your work cut out! Nonetheless, writing a good PPC ad can improve your clickthrough rate (CTR), which contributes to lowering your cost per click (CPC) and improving your return on adspend (ROAS) so it is a fundamental discipline and skill for any PPC manager to develop.

Write and Schedule Your Holiday Ads Now – Save Time Later

By , Senior Account Manager, Community

Two of the most underutilized but effective AdWords features are labels and ad scheduling. What makes these features especially tremendous is their usefulness for writing holiday ads in July, and then scheduling for Q4. The holiday season is busy enough for PPC Specialists. Save yourself the stress of time-sensitive tasks by writing and scheduling your ads now.   Writing holiday…
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8 PPC Hacks You Should Be Using

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Let’s face it: we could all use a little help. Today, I’m showcasing 8 PPC hacks that can help your campaigns flourish. You may know of a few of these already, but even if just one is new to you—you could really rake in the benefits!   Ad Hacks   Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) or Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)…

How Seller Ratings Helped Increase Conversions by 50%

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Ever wonder how to get those star ratings to show up under your ads in Google? Those star ratings are called Seller Ratings Extensions and in a digital shopping world where consumer feedback and ratings are king, seller ratings can help increase conversions, click through rate and conversion rates. Below we will explore how seller ratings work, how to get…

 Ad Testing Scenarios For Low-Converting Campaigns

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

A/B Testing is a constant paid search practice with the process looking like this: Step One: Try something new. Step Two: Let it run for an appropriate length of time. Step Three: Determine the winner. Step Four: Repeat. But what happens when we can’t conclude a test because the campaign does not get enough conversions? Do we conclude tests early without…
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