Microsoft adCenter

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Pitching Bing

How to Pitch Bing Like a Champion

Bing, love it or hate it, can be an invaluable platform for anyone looking to make the most of his or her PPC budget. If you’re waiting for the perfect argument to come along and convince you (or your boss) to give it a shot, then read on!

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How To Deal With Client Tracking Issues

Working at a PPC agency has provided me experience with clients ranging in tech-savviness and web development resources. It’s not uncommon for tracking issues to develop, and it’s not uncommon for me to be the one that has to sort them out. Unfortunately, I’m no web developer, and my own skills and knowledge on this subject are pretty subpar. However, I am resourceful, and hopefully after this blog article you’ll feel just as resourceful on the subject!

FTC Angry at Search Engines

The End of Paid Search As We Know It?

Our PPC ecosystem is probably going to be changing soon.  On June 25th, the Federal Trade Commission sent off a warning shot to a bunch of search engines, and it will most likely be reshaping the real estate on which …

Google Bing Spring Cleaning

Spr’Bing Cleaning: 7 Simple Steps For Your Bing Accounts

As part of our April spring cleaning series we’re going to take a dive into the different ways Bing accounts can get messy and look at a few solutions for cleaning them up!

automated report

Three Automated Reports That Will Make You a Better Account Manager

PPC is fun. While there are surely people that disagree with that assertion (namely, anyone to whom I’ve explained what I do for a living), we within the industry know better.  There are cool things to talk about all the …

Bing B Logo

Dear Bing Ads, We Need to Talk

Dear Bing Ads, We need to talk. I’ve been working with you long enough now that I feel a certain level of familiarity with your systems and processes.  So please understand that what I’m about to say comes from a …


It’s Official: PPC Hero Prefers Bing to Google!

Oh, Bing. You’re everywhere lately. You’re on my television, interrupting my time with Stephen Colbert on Hulu, sending me emails asking me to call you Bing Ads now, and asking me to “Bing-it-on”. Well, like an annoying classmate telling me …