Dynamic Landing Page Content: How to Increase Conversions through Increased Relevancy

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All week we’ve been writing on Advanced PPC Strategies. So far we’ve covered everything from trademark policies and international PPC to special B2B considerations. My charge today is to explain how you can increase conversion rates and overall relevancy with dynamic landing page content. By now most PPC advertisers know that dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) can be a powerful tool for increasing click-through-rates for ad copy. What most don’t realize is that this tactic can be applied to landing pages, too!

Of the countless actions that we take each day as PPC advertisers, nearly all of them concern relevancy. Keyword selection starts the process of targeting your product or service to the right searchers. Writing ad copy is the next step as you connect with those searchers through enticing and relevant messaging. Post-click activities on your landing page are your chance to convert searchers into customers.

The advertisers who see the best results are those who have mastered the landing page. In today’s environment of detailed segmentation, those who effectively create landing pages for each and every one of their product lines or service offerings traditionally see the best conversion rates. Some advertisers have landing pages for a single campaign, others break down at the ad group level, then there are the PPC gurus who truly go granular with landing pages at the keyword level.

If you have the means to do this, great! The problem for many advertisers is that it isn’t feasible to create and maintain landing pages for 100s or 1000s of keywords. Since relevancy is the name of the game, how can you get around this? Create dynamic landing page content. The major PPC search engines allow advertisers to utilize DKI to input the keyword triggered by a search directly into the ad text. This is a simple way to make your ad text as relevant as possible to the searcher. You can utilize this same strategy for landing pages by making minor changes to the code of your landing page. You can essentially use DKI in the page title and any text within the headlines and body content of your landing page.

This is where we get advanced. If you don’t have experience with coding landing pages, don’t freak out – this process is actually pretty simple. Let me take a second to state this fact – I’m not a programmer. I have a high level understanding of code (enough to make minor changes for my clients), and I find this process to be a cinch! The guys over at SEMvironment have blazed this trail already, and I’m going to borrow heavily on their expertise. I would highly recommend you check out their original post.

Before you start, you will need to append the following to the destination URLs of your ads: ?kw={keyword} In AdWords, Yahoo and adCenter this will dynamically enter the keyword into your ad’s destination URL. Now that your ads are setup, you need to save your landing pages as .php files. If you don’t have the capability to save and work with php coding, there is a workaround for html pages. Apply the following line of text to your .htaccess file: AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html This workaround will allow you to use php codes within the html code!

From here, you can utilize a simple line of code to dynamically insert your keyword anywhere on your landing page: <? echo $_GET[‘kw’] ?> Please note that this will insert the keyword, but doesn’t take into account the possibility of errors, i.e. someone arriving at your landing page directly (not from a PPC ad). So, there is additional “if-then” coding you can insert that will utilize default text in the case of an error:

if ($_GET[‘kw’])
{echo ucwords($_GET[‘kw’]);}
{echo ucwords(“Default Text”);}

Whereas DKI in an ad text will likely increase your CTR, dynamically inserting keywords into your landing page will likely increase your conversion rates. This process will tailor fit your landing page to each and every searcher that views it. This level of relevancy will help you target your potential customers with pinpoint accuracy! Once again, I’d like to thank the guys at SEMvironment for their great “NUDE” post on this subject. There are also a few other resources you should check out on dynamic landing page content here and here. Good luck setting this up for your landing pages and don’t hesitate to stop by and ask questions!

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16 thoughts on “Dynamic Landing Page Content: How to Increase Conversions through Increased Relevancy

  1. jameszol

    Thanks for the hat tip!

    I should append that post you link to at semvironment about dynamic landing pages…I have only mentioned it via comment on that post but there is a security flaw with taking user created data and dynamically presenting it on the page. The easiest way to fix the security issue is to simply replace the first:




    so that first echo line in the code should look like this:

    {echo htmlentities($Get_[‘kw’]);}

    While it still isn’t perfect, it is definitely worth testing and the trick is fantastic for pay per click advertising! The security issue is more of a concern when the user actually fills out a form that changes a page dynamically…

    You could alternatively create an array, I think, that still allows you to use ucwords to capitalize the first letter of each word in the search query…but that gets a little too advanced for a quick tip/fix (at least for me).

    Keep up the great posts! 🙂

  2. JohnJohn Post author

    James –

    I agree – what I love the most about this process is that it’s a quick tip for PPCer’s. We’re all busy people and need simple, easy to use solutions for advancing our processes. As long as readers understand that this is for PPC I think everything will be just fine.

    Keep the NUDE series alive – I think that’s a great idea and you’ve provided great insights in each one!

  3. jameszol

    John, thanks for the encouragement! I have two NUDE posts almost ready to publish…I just haven’t had the time to edit them and wrap them up – and I’m second guessing whether or not they’re really NUDE worthy. 🙂 I will probably just push them out over the next couple weeks and they might encourage a good conversation of whether or not they really are or should be a NUDE post. I will enjoy any feedback after they’re posted – negative or positive. 🙂

  4. Hannah

    Hello there,

    Great post 🙂

    I was just wondering how dynanmic keyword insertion affects quality score? Is it better to create a relevant static landing page, or does google equally weight a dynamic page?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts

  5. Chris

    Hello –

    Quick question . . . how would one continue to use dynamic keyword insertion using php in light of Googles changes in policy regarding their destination URL matching the Landing Page URL?

    Thanks for your input and feedback. . .


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  7. JohnJohn Post author

    I don’t have any empirical evidence to prove one way or the other that Quality Score is negatively affected by dynamic landing pages.

    Think of it this way – Google is looking to match the keywords from your AdWords campaign to the keywords on your landing page. If dynamically inserting them fulfills this need, than you should be good to go.

    However, if anyone does have some rock-solid evidence to prove this out, I too would be interested in seeing it.

  8. Matt

    Does anyone have examples from an LP that is doing this effectively that they feel comfortable with sharing? I find there are so many ways keywords could be used, other than putting a “searching for (keyword)?”, often looks awkward.

  9. Greg


    Does anyone have an example page of code with this working?

    Mine have failed even though I have PHP on my server and the relevant code added to my .htaccess file???



  10. Jack

    The reason why the code doesn’t work(when copying&pasting) is because the quotes for (“Default Text”); are similar, but wrong characters. Just replace the quotes and it should work fine.

  11. IM Lovers

    Thanks for ur posting. It will really save a lot of time and improve the quality score. Got some questions about landing page. Hope you can help to answer.

    1. Will it work with squeeze page?

    2.Which file folder should I put the php files?

    3. Should I create a folder named LP for them?

    4. Should I get those page indexed?


  12. Danio

    Hi everyone,

    I have only one question about this tool.

    After all configured, my destination url will be:www.yoursite.com/yourlandingpage.php?kw={keyword}

    It means that my landing page will know what the user inserted in the
    query?So, I only can use in “exact” KW to avoid wrong words.


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