5 thoughts on “Sweat The Small Stuff: PPC Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

  1. Chris DPS

    Hey Rachael, I always love your articles – spotted a little tip to share with this one though! You stated that:

    If you are uploading a new display campaign from the AdWords Editor, it’s important to note that it will randomly assign either Target & Bid or Bid Only (and there’s no way to choose one)

    That’s not true! If you go to the Ad Groups tab of Editor, there’s an option at the bottom of the page to expand ‘Flexible Reach’ (it’s the option under the default ‘Edit selected ad groups’ view). When you open this up, you can select whether to ‘Target and Bid’ or ‘Bid Only’ on Placements, Topics, Interests and Remarketing, Gender and Age at Ad Group level.

    A much quicker way of changing the targeting!

    1. Rachael LawRachael Law

      Hey Chris!

      Thanks for pointing that out! I must have totally overlooked that. That’s a way easier way of doing things than through the interface!

  2. David Riedmiller

    Hi Rachael,

    the most common mistake in my experience is setting the delivery method to “standard” on campaign level. When you’re not on a budget (and you shouldn’t be), the accelerated setting will yield better results. Do you agree with me here?

    1. Rachael LawRachael Law

      Hi David,

      Great point! As a best practice we set our campaigns to accelerated to ensure we’re getting all the traffic we can and spending our budget – and then switch it to standard if we find that we’re burning up a budget early in the day and missing traffic. The delivery method setting is definitely one that is overlooked a lot!

      1. Affan Laghari

        What do you think about lowering CPCs rather than moving to Standard? With Standard delivery, your impressions will be spread out but you will receive same amount of clicks as previously. But if you are on budget and Adwords tells you there are more impressions available for your current bids, I think you can decrease bids to get more clicks at lower CPCs without depleting your budget.


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