Easy To Use AdWords Scripts: Part 2

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing


Yesterday fellow PPC Hero, Eric introduced the topic of using AdWords scripts. We had a really great response to that, so I thought I’d go through and show those of you who are more visual learners how to implement these simple scripts. We’re going to look through the Ad Performance and the Keyword Performance Report – hope you find the video useful.

Here’s the link to the Google Developers Scripts page for those of you following along at home.

We’d love to hear from you if you have your own scripts you want to share!

Edit: The good people over at Google contacted me to let me know that you can’t make changes to the AdWords script from scripts.google.com as I falsely claimed, only from the AdWords interface.

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7 thoughts on “Easy To Use AdWords Scripts: Part 2

  1. Alan Kirke

    Thanks Sam,

    That was interesting as I haven’t delved that far into Adwords yet.

    I have a couple of clients and can see the benefit now.

    Question please can something be created so that it goes directly to my website and creates a page.
    Or outputs a PDF report emailed directly to client and myself?

    Or extracts the data from excel and creates a nice looking PDF with a logo all layed out nicely and to specific customisation.

    Just got thinking of the multiple uses this could be used for.

    Possibly for creating some real upto date CPC’s and positions for buying|lead generation keywords.
    Reports for clients in specific niches.
    Or for lead generation for myself that I could post out to prospects

    IE a very up to date customised report.


    Alan Kirke

    1. Sam OwenSam Owen

      Hi Alan,

      We’re trying to put together a part 3 of this post that gives people a bit more background and walkthrough for some other manual changes they can make to the code themselves.

      For some of the stuff you are asking you need to look into the AdWords API rather than just scripts. However some of the simpler things like importing data into a pre-formatted company document should be fairly possible.


    1. Sam OwenSam Owen

      Hi Ben,

      I can’t give out the whole code as it contains some stuff specific to Hanapin, but watch out for an upcoming part 3 of this series (I like to call it Scripts: Revolutions) where we’ll look into more detail about making changes to your code.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  2. Joe

    Hi Sam,

    Love the scripts. I’m also looking to add conversion tracking data to the scripts as well. In particular:

    – Conversions (1-per-click)
    -Total Conversion Value
    – Conversions Value/Cost

    Looking forward to part 3!

  3. Digit Ally

    so where is the part 3 then? I got all excited following the first 2 parts of the Adwords script…
    Thanks a lot Sam for sharing this stuff it’s brilliant.


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