Facebook Ad Targeting Gone Wrong

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Facebook ad targeting only works if the ad’s messaging is just as targeted as the ad itself.


Just before Valentine’s day I found this on my Facebook page. And note that it was MY page:


Valentine's Day Ad


Now, normally I’m a pretty good candidate for a Valentines Day ad, seeing as I’m married and would like to avoid the dog house come February 14th.


But generally speaking, I’d like to see ads telling me how to suprise “HER” rather than “Him.”


And really, that’s not too terribly sophisticated in terms of message customization, is it? Make sure that men get one message and women another?


I guess if I weren’t involved in advertising and copywriting, this ad would have left me a bit confused or miffed… except that I AM a copywriter and this ad helped to drive home a pretty important point:


Tageting only helps you to REACH the right PEOPLE. But reaching the right people won’t do you any good unless you reach them with the right MESSAGE.


In other words, if your messaing isn’t as targeted as your ads, you’re probably wasting your money.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Ad Targeting Gone Wrong

  1. Optimiser Prime

    Here are three shockers that have popped up on my wall. Meet Single women – I’m in a relationship and have that on my Facebook, Hair loss to a 23 year old? and VTAC looks after new University placements, I already have a degree.

    1. Zac Johnson

      Great examples, but there’s a good chance some of these are converting which is why you are seeing them! I agree, some of these are ridiculous… but I wouldn’t be surprised at dating offers targeted towards “married” actually converting as well.


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