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Facebook Reports Get an Extreme Makeover

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Facebook has finally decided to make our lives in the PPC world a little easier for a change with the recent updates to the Reports in the Facebook Ad Manager. Facebook now allows you to select all the columns you want including: ad performance, spend, URL conversions, unique clicks, unique click through rate (CTR), cost per unique click, cost per 1,000 people reached, and people taking action (the number of unique people who took an action such as a Page like, website conversion, app install, etc.) all in one report.

Facebook Columns

Your days of pulling ad performance reports, actions by impression reports, demographics reports and then going in and working your pivot table wizardry to merge all the data are done (well maybe not the pivot table part – no need to cry, Sean). But seriously, these new updates will save you a TON of time in reporting and allow you to drill down quickly, interpret results, and easily make optimizations.

New Facebook Ad Manager Reporting Features Include:

  • Include All Ad Performance and Action Information (including URL Conversions)
  • Filter for Specific Campaigns or Ads
  • More Flexibility, Real-time Reach Insights, and Enhanced Audience Demographics
  • More Easily Customize, Save and Schedule Ad Reports
  • Break Out Performance by Demographics, Placement and Country

New Information Available on Facebook Ads Reports

So what are you going to do with all your free time now? More Foosball? Watch YouTube videos of animals wearing socks? With all the time you will save with these new Facebook Ad Manager reporting features you will be able to do all of the above PLUS, quickly and efficiently optimize your Facebook account in real-time.

What To Do With All This Rich Data In One Place:

  • Create Campaigns by Age and Gender Based on Ad Performance
  • Segment Campaigns by Placement – Mobile, Newsfeed, Desktop, etc.
  • Optimize Bids in a Snap!
  • Ad Analysis & Updates

facebook placements

If you want to get really advanced with the new Facebook reporting you can also include custom attribution information. Facebook custom attribution tracks 1 Day After Viewing, 7 Days After Viewing, 28 Days After Viewing and 1 Day After Clicking.

Custom Attribution on Facebook

Facebook also mentions that these features are not currently available in all account but will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Keep on the lookout!

The new Facebook Ad Manager Reporting features are a big win in my book as far as a time saver. Give it a try and let us know what cool things you’ve done with the data you were able to easily pull from the new reports!

To learn more about all the new updates to Facebook ad manager click here.


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