Get To Know Your Audience Insights

By Rachael Law | @Law_Rachael | Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

AdWords now allows advertisers to gain more insight into the users who comprise their remarketing audiences. To view these insights, simply navigate to “Shared Library > Audience” and select a list.


From here, navigate through the report via the tabs at the top of the page (Top Insights, In-Market Audiences, Affinity Audience, Demographics, Locations, and Devices).


Image of audience insights
Audience Insights for your remarketing lists


When you select a specific insight you’d like to learn more about, Google shows you the percentage of users in your audience compared to the benchmark. Also shown are the estimated impressions and cookies per week.


Image of audience data
Granular Audience Insight data


You can also see a demographic breakdown of your audience by age, gender, and parental status.


Image of age data
Demographic data


The “Device” tab shows a breakdown of users by device.


Image of device data
Device breakdown




In reviewing Audience Insights, here are a few use cases where you can apply this data.




If you notice a high percentage of a certain affinity audience or in-market segment, you could advertise to “All Visitors” with the additional audience layered on top.


Ad Copy


Use the specific audiences to tailor your ad copy to your audience. For example, if you know that a large proportion of your site visitors are “avid investors,” try writing ad copy to appeal to their interests (i.e., highlighting the value of the product or service).


Display Uses


Audience Insight data doesn’t necessarily need to be used for remarketing purposes. Look for new audiences or demographic data that you can use for new Display campaigns.


Overall Marketing Insights


You can take this research a step further by digging deeper into Google Analytics with a custom segment:


Demographic data in Google Analytics
Image of Google Analytics demographic data


With the audience-specific segment that you created, you now have access to information about how these users specifically use your site. Looking at what pages they visit may assist you while creating a marketing strategy.


Closing Thoughts


With even more data insights from remarketing audiences, marketers can now make more informed decisions about their PPC strategies. Narrowing down existing lists allows for a more targeted message, and targeting new users via In Market segments and Affinity audiences (layered with keyword targeting to ensure a qualified user) is a great way to expand your current PPC program.

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