14 thoughts on “Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Data Explained

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  2. Chris Kostecki

    Total Conversion Value does not equal ROI, it equals the value of the conversion, albeit dynamic revenue for ecommerce, or static predefined lead value. To say it is the ROI is misleading and not giving an accurate sense to the performance of the account. For instance if you TCV = 100 and your Costs = 50, then your ROI is either 2:1 or 1:1 if you back out costs. [Value/Cost or (Value-Cost)/Cost]

  3. Sean QuadlinSean Quadlin

     Hi DJB,

    You’re not doing it wrong.  I think our terminology may be what’s causing the confusion.  Our conversions are set up the exact same way.  Sarah was just saying that conversions are set up like that for clients that are interested in lead generation (as opposed to e-commerce).

    Your system of tracking conversions is exactly what we use for our lead generation clients.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. sheara

    If ecommerce tracking is enabled on the site, shouldn’t the value/conv tab pull in the exact dollar amount of the sale from the analytics? It’s not (reporting “0”) – so what am I missing?

  5. Tim

    Conversations imported from Google Analytics don’t let you enable view-through conversion deduplication within AdWords. Are these “deduplicated” by default?

    1. PPC Hero AllyPPC Hero

      Based on how they handle AdWords conversions, we would guess that they are not deduplicated by default. Anything coming in from Analytics most likely just measures whatever hit the conversion page.

      We haven’t heard anything definitive, but the default is probably not to deduplicate them. We also haven’t run across a place where you have the option to do so.

  6. Raju Paliwal

    I have Separate campaign for display and search. My
    display network showing 97 View through conversion and search network
    showing 7 conversion. this means that the actual number of conversion in
    my campaign is 104?

    1. PPC Hero AllyPPC Hero

      Hey Raju,

      View Through Conversions are hard to attribute. The users didn’t directly click on your ad, but they saw it. The display ad definitely played a part in your conversion process, but just how important the part it played is still up for debate. They almost surely don’t count for a whole conversion even though they’re a part of it.

      AdWords also defaults to counting duplicate conversions (meaning that if someone sees your display ad and doesn’t click, but then later searches for your brand and converts, you will receive one conversion for branded and another view through for your display campaign). You can turn on de-duplication in the interface (under Tools and Analysis > Conversions > Click On Your Chosen Conversion Type > Advanced). That should clear up your numbers a bit.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for reading!


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