Google Updates Search Query Report Functionality: Query Depth = All Queries

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It’s weird how Google just slips things into the AdWords reporting interface. In the course of pulling some Search Query Reports today, the PPC Hero team discovered that Google now has added a new report setting: Query Depth And don’t you know it, you can choose between Standard (pull the a-typical 1000 “other unique queries” report) OR, you can now choose Advanced! According to the reporting interface, the Advanced option will display “All Queries.”


Initially, we pulled our first Advanced (All Queries) report for the past few months – which still provided countless “other unique queries” entries. However, it has been rather consistent for new Google reports to only be valid from the date of launch. We haven’t seen one iota of reporting or announcements on this feature, so we decided to run the new report for the past 2 days (03/30 – 03/31). In this test, we found that the Advanced (All Queries) report displayed 441 search queries out of 445 searches. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Has anyone else stumbled upon this new Search Query reporting feature yet?

If so, have you tested it to see how accurate the “All Queries” statement is?

The bigger question really is – when is the official announcement going to be made?

Hello Google, can you hear me?

***Update (5 minutes later) – Just checked a broad spectrum of my AdWords accounts, and this isn’t widely spread.  Only found it in a small portion of accounts (bigger spenders, of course).***

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22 thoughts on “Google Updates Search Query Report Functionality: Query Depth = All Queries

  1. John Ellis

    Nice Catch!

    I do not see this in my reporting yet. I don’t think it’s a size issue, because I have a pretty “major” campaign and it’s not there.

  2. JohnJohn Post author

    @ John,

    Thanks! We all stopped what we were doing and ran to the computer Pete was using… (yes, Pete found it first). Haven’t heard a peep about this from anyone – Google or other SEM bloggers. But we found it in one of our largest $$ accounts, which is where my spending assumption came from.

    Regardless, it’s exciting to know that Google has listened to everyone complain about the “unique other queries” debacle that is the Search Query Report and decided to take action!

  3. loric

    it’s a goog news. It was frustating to see “xx other unique queries”.

    I hope this feature will be soon available in France !!

  4. TomDemers

    Yes! I saw this today! I was under the impression the “other queries” stuff was for privacy reasons (no source on this sorry) so how can they roll this out now? Also what would compell one to run a “standard” report? Anyway fascinating stuff…

  5. Aaron

    I noticed the same new advanced search query settings last week and ran a couple reports that definitely appeared more long tail in nature and contained far less “other uniques”. We talked to our Google reps but couldn’t get any more info as to when, or if they are going to roll the settings out for everybody.

  6. JohnJohn Post author


    With the availability of seeing “all queries” (either in Analytics with special filters or now in AdWords), I agree – who would want to run a “standard” report?!?!?


    Slow beta roll-out is most likely! I dropped a comment on your blog, but kudos to you for breaking the story 4 days before me. Now you’ve got another blog reader and Twitter follower. : )


    You’re right – like I said above – a slow beta roll-out is the most likely explanation.

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  8. vasim khan

    It’s a great news indeed. I just quickly ran through one of the adwords account. but could not find this feature yet.. Hope this will be implemented soon..

    It’s really nice that we won’t get the “other unique queries” in search query report anymore.. earlier i thought that google does not want to reveal out these queries (as for privacy reason). so finally it willl be very helpful to get these querys…Fantastic Job!!

  9. Ryan

    I hadn’t noticed this – and in fact it’s still not an option on even my largest accounts, but I had noticed a similar feature in the beta adwords interface – under the keyword tab, it’s now possible to select any (or all) keywords in an adgroup or campaign, and run a simple (one-click) search query report to see all the queries that have triggered those keywords – and that it is pretty much ALL search queries, as you say here. You can also see click-through rates, CPCs, and a host of other stats for each individual search query – including whether they converted.

    I was likewise flummoxed that google weren’t pushing this as one of the key features of the new interface, but I haven’t heard a word about it.

  10. Tom Demers

    @Ryan Funny you say that about the new interface because I DO have the advanced report, and we have the new interface, but within the new interface there seems to be the same old obfuscation (lots of “and other queries”)…I’m sure we’ll learn more as it gets rolled out to more people…interesting stuff!

  11. Ryan

    @Tom – are we talking about the same thing? I don’t mean actually going in and running a full on search query report, but if you go onto the keyword tab, stick a tick next to the keywords you’ve interested in, and click the ‘show query report’ button, you get an instant report – do you still get the ‘other queries’ thing there?

  12. Tom Demers

    @Ryan: Yep: the instant report I run for a lot of keywords for a specific day will actually ONLY show me other queries, even though the report I run seems to be more comprehensive.

  13. JohnJohn Post author

    @Tom and Ryan,

    Definitely 2 different things going on here.

    1) New BETA interface (when I look at search queries, I too still see a bunch of “other unique queries”)
    2) New feature in the reporting center (NOT the new interface). The Query Depth – Standard vs. Advanced (All Queries) report (as far as my clients are concerned) is a completely separate entity/functionality.

    This is one of those instances where I wish Google would just come out and say what’s going on. I know they’re testing SOMETHING… they might as well tell us WHAT so we can: 1) use it properly and 2) provide helpful feedback.

  14. JohnJohn Post author


    There’s probably still a possibility that you could see “other unique queries” – but until we know the extent of what is being built into this reporting functionality, it’s hard to tell.

    In the meantime – you can still use Google Analytics to get more comprehensive search query data:

  15. ppcmngr

    It’s a feature that’s coming soon for everyone, it’s apparently being rolled out in phases and at random.

  16. Shannon


    @Tom – are we talking about the same thing? I don’t mean actually going in and running a full on search query report, but if you go onto the keyword tab, stick a tick next to the keywords you’ve interested in, and click the ’show query report’ button, you get an instant report – do you still get the ‘other queries’ thing there?”

    I’m totally confused as to what section of AdWords you’re using. Which Keyword tab? I haven’t seen this option. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding where you’re at on AdWords.


  17. JohnJohn Post author

    @ Ryan, Tom & Shannon,

    The new BETA interface is pretty sweet. Though technically can’t blog about it just yet. Regardless, it’s worth the time to sign-up to get on board.

  18. Adam Parikh (adamap)

    I’ve soooo been waiting for this. Nothing drives me crazier than search queries obfuscated by ‘unique queries’ because there are commonalities within those queries that can be turned into phrase matches. Luckily through analytics we’ve been able to see the raw search queries which is why the ‘unique’ queries was so frustrating. You know there is a lot of opportunity that was going untapped.


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