Hanapin Marketing’s Predictions for the Future of PPC

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing


What’s the future of PPC advertising? Our staff of experts here at Hanapin Marketing got together to make a video blog about our predictions for the future of PPC in the next 5-10 years. From being able to buy what an actress is wearing on television, right from the television, to having Google chips implanted in our heads–it’s clear the staff is not short on imagination!

With all this talk about the future, PPC Hero, SEO Boy, and Ms. Click even took it as a chance to whip out their Star Wars costumes!

What do you think will be happening with PPC in 5-10 years?

For even more videos, check out PPC Hero’s Video Blog Category!

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7 thoughts on “Hanapin Marketing’s Predictions for the Future of PPC

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  3. Andrew Johnson

    Mobile will definitely be king, and I think in the future Google Maps and augmented reality will be used to bring PPC ads to people on the move and they will be targeted by the shops in their locality. 

    1. Amanda West-Bookwalter

      Thanks for reading and for sharing, Andrew! I totally agree with you. Mobile is only going to expand. The number of smartphone users grows by the second. People will always gravitate towards what’s the easiest to use and has the most relevant information–so, it only makes sense that mobile marketing is going to dominate in the future!

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