News Update: Google Instant–Win, Lose or Draw?

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When Google asked users to buy-in to Google Instant, the general consensus was that PPC and SEO efforts would not be affected (though some felt SEO might indeed be dead). Matt McGee of Search Engine Land wrote his initial thoughts the same day as the Instant announcement, and he placed his bet with Instant. He emphasized that Google made it clear there were rules in place to determine what counted as an “impression” to keep any huge shift from occurring in SEO or PPC marketing. Some believed the effects of Instant would be negative, but they also weren’t folding until they knew for sure what those changes were.

So maybe I get caught up watching hours of the World Series of Poker unintentionally, and I may have picked up a few terms, but you get the point: everyone had opinions about what Instant might mean for PPC and SEO, but it was all speculation without data.

Now, it’s been more than seven months since Instant sat down at the table, and there’s data to look at, making this a hot topic at the SMX West conference last month. Jessica Lee of the Bruce Clay Blog attended the conference and wrote an article that relays what Google’s representatives were saying about Instant’s progress. There were reports that long-tail keywords were showing better overall organic click-through-rates on the SEO side. For PPC, users appeared to suffer from “shiny-object syndrome” and were clicking on ads 63% less due to distraction by the Instant feed (possible solutions to that problem were offered up).

It would appear there are benefits and drawbacks to Instant’s implementation in search, but how has it changed how you play your hand? We want to hear your thoughts on Instant now that you’ve had some time to see what effects it has had on your game plan, so share your opinions below in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “News Update: Google Instant–Win, Lose or Draw?

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  2. Kayla

    Thanks for the comment!

    We have had some limited experience here at Hanapin with testing out that exact theory…what happens if you bid on cheaper partial keywords? Results have varied for each test, but predominantly those accounts have shown that long term results aren’t as impressive as short term data might show.

    To that end, I recommend you do some testing of your own! Try out a few partial keywords of some of your better performers and track how they do, then you can make better decisions for your individual cases.

    Also, take a look at these two articles. They have opposing views, but could provide you with some more insight on how to make that decision for your accounts.

    Let me know if that helps or you find anything interesting! Thanks again for the comment!


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