PPC News Roundup for 2/19/2010

Local search might be a great way to boost your clients’ campaigns.  Actually who am I kidding it’s a great way to boost everyone’s campaign, so make some time to localize your campaigns! Here are some great tips on PPCBlog for setting up your local PPC strategy, so give it a shot.

Get your Google click to call deal while you can! Search Engine Watch has a useful post this week on Mobile PPCall and Click to Call Pricing. Not only does the article explain the significance of the click to call feature but it also includes a hint from Google to take advantage of the current pricing.

What you put on your landing page is key to your PPC success. Search Engine Land recommends one more way to boost your conversions through cross-selling. Although you may not be an ecommerce company, the general concept and tips can be applied to any PPC program.

Now that the Yahoo! and Bing partnership is official, and it will mean big changes for PPC advertisers. Though we will all have time to prepare, we need to start preparing our strategy adjustments sooner rather than later, and this Clix post gives us a few ideas about what changes we will be adapting to.

Setting up campaigns for regional targeting is a great way to boost relevant traffic to your site. The question, as Search Engine Land’s Debra Northart points out, is just how narrow should your geo-targeting be? This post gives you some ideas on what to consider when you’re planning out how to geo-target.

Our Attendees Have Spoken - Why You Can't Miss London

At Hero Conf London, 23-25 October, we've created a schedule that can be tailored to any PPC role. In-depth, actionable sessions for the PPC Specialist and high-level strategies and tactics for the Marketing Manager looking to generate new opportunities. 

Adding Facebook Ad Block Lists

Get tips on how to add a Facebook ad placement block list and start blocking your ads from appearing on certain websites.

Optimizing Display Advertising in an Omni-Channel World

We’re teaming up with DialogTech to tell you all about display tactics you can put in place for conversion success, both online and over the phone. DialogTech’s Blair Symes and Hanapin’s Stephanie White will show you the advanced strategies that will have a big impact...