PPC News Roundup for April 10, 2007

  • Wordtracker announces the launch of Wordtracker Academy. A complete resource guide for keyword research including articles, case studies and tips.
  • AXcessNews reports that online advertising spending is on the rise! But, of course, there is a dark cloud looming over this positive forecast. Why can’t we just have a report that says “Everything is looking great, don’t worry about a thing”?!
  • Inside Adwords discusses some basic keyword optimization and expansion. As far as PPC management is concerned, there isn’t anything shocking in this article, but it’s well written.
  • What can you tell from the 100 impressions for a PPC campaign? Not much. However, over at Marketing Pilgrim Stephanie Cockrel discusses what you can learn from these first 100 impressions. For some clients this may hold water, but for other clients this number is either way too low, or even way too high. Interesting none-the-less.
  • Wired magazine interview with Google CEO illuminates how we should think of Google: advertising system, end-user system and giant supercomputer.

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