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PPC News Roundup for April 10, 2009

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Happy Friday readers! Take a moment to sit back and read up on the latest in the world of PPC. As per usual, there’s a lot going on, so read on!

  • Some of you may have seen this in your AdWords reporting already – New conversion metrics. It caught us a little off guard yesterday.  These new metrics allow you to track multiple conversions that stem from a single click. Cool stuff! The AdWords blog has the details.
  • Mike Moran from Search Engine Guide asks, “Why shouldn’t I do my search work in-house?” For starters, we’re in it for the long run.
  • Google is increasing it’s market share, and keyword searches are getting longer. Search Engine Land has the scoop.
  • Brad Geddes debunks some common misconceptions about broad match keywords and performance. Definitely good food for thought – Make sure you know how you’re getting conversions!
  • Clean up those landing pages! Ion Interactive explains the top 3 landing page errors. Landing pages are always a challenge, so take all the advice you can get.
  • Avinash Kaushik gives us a detailed rundown of Google’s search based keyword tool. There are several layers of complexity and cool features that can be utilized in the tool, and this post is really helpful in understanding what can be done within the tool.

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