PPC News Roundup for August 1, 2007

  • The AdWords blog announced the introduction of an automated campaign optimizer tool. According to the announcement, the tool is capable of scanning your account and pointing out problems from budgetary concerns, keyword issues (bid, match type, new keywords, etc.) and even potential ad texts. While I would still prefer to do this myself, or have a Google rep. help me out, the campaign optimizer tool is definitely a solid starting point for troubled advertisers.
  • The second part to a 2-part blog post on how to optimize your PPC campaign without spending a lot of time on it, the blog post by Search Engine Land “How to Optimize B2B Pay Per Click In 4 Hours A Week, Part 2”, explains how you can improve your PPC campaigns that are performing poorly in only 2 hours a week. (The first 2 hours are spent making your strong ads even stronger). This is a great resource for those who don’t have a lot of time or resources to manage their PPC campaigns.
  • A study by Yahoo and comScore, reported on by the Marketing Pilgrim, shows that online display ads can increase dollars spent on in-store conversions and page views. When partnered with search campaigns in-store conversions were found to increase even more. Comments are already coming in.
  • ROBO, or otherwise known as ‘Research Online, Buy Offline‘ is a new term researchers are using to describe the online shopping trends. A Yahoo report saying that online research plays a huge role in offline purchases. They also mention that the “overwhelming majority of Internet-influenced sales activity is not happening online; it happens in local stores.”

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