PPC Strategy Through Expansion And Reviews

By Cassie Oumedian | @cass_oumedian | Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing

Working with a PPC agency should encompass more than just monitoring how the numbers are doing. Not only should communication be clear and transparent, there should be creative strategies in place, fresh insights continuously attained, and market expansion ideas offered. Let’s review a couple of proactive processes.


Market Expansion


Market expansion is a great follow-up from a competitive analysis, because you may find that competition is increasing and potentially reaching the point of diminishing returns for some channels. Your PPC agency should provide you with a market expansion plan that includes how, why and how much to expand into other channels.


Quarterly Business Review


A quarterly business review encompasses many strategic tools. The review should be in presentation format, be more in-depth and provide an opportunity for the client and the PPC agency to brainstorm and reflect on performance, discuss key insights and collaborate on future initiatives and goals. A few strategic items that we’ve found success covering during these quarterly business reviews include:


  • Performance numbers comparing year-over-year and/or previous period
  • Industry trends and projections
  • PPC Impact
  • Account insights
  • Strategic action plans


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