11 thoughts on “Save Time With The Ten Minute PPC Audit

  1. Rachel

    Thanks for the information Sam! All great tips. I’m curious, what time frame do you use when evaluating accounts in this way?

    1. Sam OwenSam Owen

      Thanks Rachel! It really depends on the size of the account. One that generates thousands and thousands of clicks I’ll probably do 30 days, smaller accounts 3-6 months. Once you feel that you have enough data to make a decision is the key.

  2. siddharth

    Do my ads have any misspellings?

    For this one.. it would be easy to just get all the ads in excel & press f7 (spell check) & then work through them super fast.

  3. PPC Dan

    Hey sam- great tips! I would also add checking “hour of day” performance. Are searches/clicks being made at 3am with 0 conversions? You could consider bidding lower or opting out of times that have proven not to convert.

  4. Spook SEO

    Some people think that accountants are no longer of importance in this business.
    Well, this article shows us just the opposite. Budget is always part of any
    business. Your money should go to campaigns while your accountants record how
    much you are earning out of them. It is hard to do all these alone.

  5. Rina Ashton

    If your Adwords PPC campaigns aren’t working, I recommend getting an audit of your campaign. I know RDM does them free, just call 888-641-5026.


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