12 thoughts on “To Optimize or Not To Optimize, Google’s New Ad Setting

  1. Jesse

    This new feature has been amazing for me.

    I went from averaging a $150 CPA to a $50 CPA overnight through this optimization setting. My conversions from the display network are up 500% and my spend has been cut in half.

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  3. Jordan McClements

    It’ll be interesting to see how well this works over time. There does need to be lots of testing to be sure..
    But I want to pick you up on one of your points (sorry being a bit pedantic here) – but ‘rotate’ means your ads will show ‘more equally’ rather than ‘equally’…

  4. Tony

    It works for me – conversions is ultimately what we have to sell customers, not clicks. A click has never sold a thing in my eyes because anyone can get clicks!

    1. Jordan McClements

      So it is ‘conversions per impression’ as opposed to conversion rate that is used..  Aha.. So, in the majority of cases using this option will make very little difference, since the CTR still plays a very important part in the equation.

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